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Airline Jobs: When seeking employment in the travel industry, why look for jobs outside your local airport? Airports require an enormous amount of manpower to stay running and many are open 24 hours a day. From handling baggage to aviation, airports offer unique job opportunities in the travel industry. There are a wide variety of entry level jobs, many of which have flexible hours.


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Airline industry jobs.

Ever since 2001, a lot of airports are hiring in the security field. Airports need more people to screen luggage and passengers, run checkpoints, and take care of safety regulations than ever before. Tour guides are needed to show off the highlights of the airport to students and potential investors. Service people are needed to maintain the airport and provide fuel and maintenance to the aircrafts. Workers are necessary to staff the StarBucks and food courts in virtually every airport. Cooks are needed to prepare meals for the longer flights. Workers are even needed to help with baggage and greet passengers as they arrive at the airport. The best part is that most of these jobs only require the applicant to be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma.

When seeking employment with a specific airline, remember to apply online. Airlines as large as Delta, Southwest, and American Airlines, as well as smaller companies like AirTran, offer job applications and career opportunities online. Employees working for one of these airlines may have a job ranging from loading and unloading baggage to scheduling flights to flying the plane itself. Check out our extensive sections on commercial piloting and becoming an airline flight attendant. All kinds of opportunities are available!

Airline & Airport Job Descriptions
  1. Airline Admin Assistant
    Airline Food Service Worker
    Airline Freight Sales Rep
    Airline Fueler
    Airline Informational Rep
    Airline Ramp Agent
    Airline Reservation Agent
  2. Airline Sales Representative
    Airport Assistant Manager
    Airport Concessions Worker
    Airport Security Screener
    Airport Security
    Airport Tour Guide
    Airport Truck Driver
  3. Airport Baggage Agent
    Airport Line Person
    Airline Pilot
    Airport Skycap
    Airport Ticket Agent
    Airport Station Agent
  4. Baggage and Cargo Handler
    Crew Schedule Coordinator
    Customer Service Rep
    Flight Attendant
    Frequent Flyer Agent
    Maintenance Mechanic
    Service Person Maintenance