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Carnival is one of the most celebrated events in countries all over the world. For one week a year, the young and old dance to the sound of ethnic music as they indulge in culture, history, games, fun, and food. Wouldn’t it be nice if your job could be like this all year round?


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If you want going to work to be part of a celebration, you’re in luck. Amusement parks and theme resorts across the country need to hire entry-level workers and professional associates to staff full-time careers and part-time vacancies alike. Apply online with a local amusement park to begin earning some extra pay while having a blast.

While these jobs are generally more common in warmer climates, theme and amusement parks can be found throughout the United States. Right now, theme parks are hiring new employees to fill a variety of employment opportunities. Work is available blowing up balloons for kids as part of an amusement park cast or managing operations for an entire amusement park. There’s no telling what kind of job, or fun, you’ll have in this always exciting and extraordinarily industry.

Check out the information provided on this page to find out more about career opportunities currently available with industry giants, like Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, and many other local, regional, and nationally acclaimed amusement parks. Some amusement park jobs might only be offered seasonally, so you may have to act fast. Fill out a theme park job application or apply online today to start earning the job benefits and salary options you need.