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The banking industry offers employment opportunities to both entry-level workers and professional banking associates alike. Banking jobs exist as part-time vacancies and full-time careers. Banks need workers to staff bank branches, check ATMs in regional areas, provide loan services, or perform jobs as bank managers.

Many entry-level jobs require applicants to be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma. Entry-level jobs in the banking industry typically include teller positions, security jobs, and maintenance careers. Banks need tellers to assist customers on-site and by phone. Security forces watch over banks and ensure all customers follow proper security procedures while on the bank branch premises. Maintenance workers repair machines and perform scheduled maintenance on devices like ATMs.

Professional bank careers offer banking professionals several employment opportunities. Professional jobs include bank managers, loan officers, securities officers, stock advisors, and several other professionally trained workers. Most professional banking positions require applicants to possess college degrees related to banking, and many careers mandate specialized certifications in the banking industry.

Banking employees often receive the benefits of schedule flexibility and quality job training. Most banks pay employees a highly competitive hourly pay rate or career-driven yearly salary. Eligible banking professionals often earn additional employment benefits, such as healthcare options and 401(k) retirement plans. Apply online to discover available banking careers. Fill out an online job application with a bank company to find local branches hiring employees today.