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Welcome to Our Job Blog! Every week we will be highlighting some of the most popular industry trends in HR and employment, including topics like job migration, human resource tips, monthly job statistics and analysis, seasonal hiring, who's hiring, and personally generated Best Of lists to help job seekers young and old find the jobs they've been looking for because, let's face it, the reality is finding a job is difficult, and we are here to make it easier. Be on the lookout for articles, videos, and snippets of wisdom to assist you in your employment search. Summer Jobs Poll Results 2015
Posted on 2015/06/19
We recently polled our users about their expectations for summers job in 2015. Check out our Summer Jobs Poll Results for 2015 to see how our users feel about employment prospects moving into the summer.

Summer Job Search Poll
Posted on 2015/05/31

2015 Job Outlook – Beginning of Year Expectations vs. Reality
Posted on 2015/05/05
We compare current employment statistics against market predictions made at the end of 2014. Check out our 2015 Job Outlook to see how the job market is currently functioning. End of 2014 Poll – Expectations for 2015
Posted on 2015/01/20
We recently polled our users about their overall feelings about the economy and the job market looking back on 2014 and looking forward to 2015. Check out our End of 2014 Poll Results to see how job seekers feel about employment prospects entering the new year.

The Importance of Signing a Cover Letter
Posted on 2014/11/20
When submitting an application for a job, it's important to sign the cover letter you submit with your resume. Mid Term Elections Poll 2014
Posted on 2014/10/30
We recently polled our users about employment status and voter preferences leading up to the 2014 mid-term elections. Check out our Voter Preference Poll Results to see how the job market affects political affiliation and voting habits.

Seasonal Hiring 2014
Posted on 2014/09/29
If you're out of work, consider finding a seasonal job with our guide to the 2014 Holiday Hiring Season.

How to Write a Descriptive Phrase about Yourself for Resume/Job Application
Posted on 2014/09/17
If you need to write a resume or apply for a job, consider our tips on how to write a descriptive phrase about yourself.

Jobs for 14 Year Olds
Posted on 2014/09/05
If you're a young person ready to start work, read through our feature on companies that hire 14 year olds to find employment ideas you can apply for.

Summer of 2014 Job Survey
Posted on 2014/08/28
We recently polled our users about the state of the economy and what it's like looking for work right now. Check out our Job Survey Results and see what people think about the current job market.

Companies Dedicated to Helping Veterans Find Jobs
Posted on 2014/08/19
If you're a military veteran struggling to find work after finishing your service, browse through our article on companies dedicated to helping vets find jobs.

The Ultimate Sample Job Application
Posted on 2014/08/15
Whether you need to practice filling out an application form or you want to apply for a job and can't find the appropriate document, use our Sample Job Application to help you get the position you want.

High Paying Jobs Requiring Little to No Work Experience
Posted on 2014/08/04
If you're currently out of work or underemployed, check out our rundown of high-paying jobs that require little to no experience.

“Why Can’t I Get a Job Anywhere?”
Posted on 2014/07/30
It may seem like you've hit a wall in your job search. We offer some advice for the job seeker thinking, "Why can't I get a job anywhere?"

Jobs that Require No Experience
Posted on 2014/07/25
For young job seekers, finding work can be a challenge due to their age. We tackle the age old dilemma of how to get a job when you have no experience.