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When you find a book you love, is it impossible to put it down until you’ve found out who the killer is, which star system the artifact is hidden in, or which love interest will finally end up with your favorite character? Book stores offer exciting opportunities for you to open gateways to new worlds for readers of all ages.

Books aren’t the only opportunity at employers like Books A Million, Barnes and Noble, and Borders. You can help customers find the next chapter of their favorite saga, but you can also direct them to the magazines, manga, or reference book section. Some stores even have large DVD sections where you can help customers find their favorite shows and movies or discover new worlds. There are even opportunities for you to showcase your vast knowledge of pop or indie by working in a larger store’s music section. You could even get started by working at one of their cafes!

If you like to read for fun and find books interesting, a job at a book store may be perfect for you. You can apply online for a career at a book store like Borders or Barnes and Noble. Your responsibilities may include the selling and inventory of books. Whatever your literary passion, read on and apply now!