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Brighton Collectibles often makes job opportunities available online. As a large network of stores primarily operating out of shopping malls, applicants looking for work at Brighton Collectibles stores must often access available employment opportunities through the shopping center websites. Brighton Collectible also accepts hiring forms and other employment documents from candidates in-person. Depending on the need for new workers at each location, applicants may spend as little as two or three days in the Brighton Collectibles hiring process and as much as four or five weeks.

In most cases, the retail chain first requires workers to participate in initial phone screenings. The phone interview portion of the Brighton Collectibles hiring process involves a brief telephone conversation between staffing representative and applicant. During the phone interview, applicants respond to very basic questions like: "Why do you want to work here?" and "When are you available to meet for a job interview?" Applicants' performance in the Brighton Collectibles phone interview may lead to a face-to-face session with a manager.

Both entry-level candidates and aspiring career professionals sit through at least one Brighton Collectibles job interview. The interview questions used to screen candidates during the hiring sessions build on the questions asked during the phone interview stage of the process. Brighton Collectibles interview questions delve into personality traits related to retail sales. A prime example of such a question includes, "Do you consider yourself an organized individual?" Managers field more intensive interview questions related to supervising subordinate workers, maintaining supply stocks, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Most managerial Brighton Collectibles interview questions exist in the form of hypothetical scenarios posed to gauge reaction like: "If you were out of a certain item and a customer came up to you and asked for it, what would you say/do?" or "How would you ensure high-standards of customer service?"

The Brighton Collectibles interview process takes roughly a week for entry-level associates to complete and up to a couple months for aspiring managers to navigate. Applicants should exude exemplary professionalism throughout the entire process and dress accordingly for each job interview. Brighton Collectibles asks employees to wear presentable and work-appropriate clothing while on-the-clock. Candidates should take cue from the average dress of Brighton Collectibles associates and wear similar outfits during the hiring process. Strong but friendly personalities also benefit prospective workers due to the consistent customer interaction involved in most jobs available. Portray a team-player ready to help others and remain diligent at all times to gain favor during the hiring process and potentially a job offer with the nationwide retail chain.

Positions: Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Manager, Key Partner, Account Specialist, Marketing Director, Projects Director, Manager of Design, Visual Merchandiser, Buyer, Chief Administrator, Customer Care Manager


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Possible Brighton Collectibles Interview Questions:

  • What do you think are the most important qualities to have to get a job with Brighton Collectibles
  • How long do you plan to work for Brighton Collectibles
  • What would you do if your replacement was late to work?

  • Are you available on weekends?
  • Why do you think our customers like Brighton Collectibles?
  • How would you encourage customers to return to our store?
  • What previous experience do you have in the retail industry?

Common Interview Questions:

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  • What about second interviews? When should you expect a call after the interview?

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