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Work in a coffee shop

Coffee Shop Jobs: Do you love muffins? Can’t get enough coffee? Every morning, noon, and night millions of Americans on different schedules stop at cafes to get their fix, hang out, listen to music, and catch up. Cafes like Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Panera Bread Company, and Einstein Bros are hiring for their nationwide locations in all sorts of entry level jobs. Gain customer service experience while learning more about something you love.

Working at one of these baristas, you’ll get the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the bean and serve pastries, lattes, and smiles to your customers while making money. Cafes are one of the most universal work opportunities, since many of the larger companies boast multiple locations in every town. Employers offer work cleaning the establishment, making and serving coffee, and as a cashier. Some even hire cooks to prepare pastries, donuts, and other goodies.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer black coffee, espresso, or chai lattes, you could be serving up your favorites at a café almost immediately. Getting one of these jobs is as simple as filling out an application. Check out our listings below and apply online for a career at your choice of café or coffee house.

Coffee Shop Job Descriptions: Typical positions include Assistant Manager, Baker, Barista, Cashier and General Manager. If you want to know what kind of pay to expect for a specific coffee shop job, check out our Coffee Shop Salaries & Pay information page.