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Work in computers & electronics.

Are you passionate about computers? Do you know the difference between a USB port and the power cable? If you’re reading this, that last question might seem a little silly. How about the difference between a global and local variable or when to use while loops or recursion? Even if you don’t know the difference between software and firmware or how to reroute control through SSH, your passion for technology can become a career even if all you want to do is fixing printers.

A wide variety of jobs are available in the field of computing. Maybe you’re interested in programming low level architectures or maybe you have no idea what that means, but you have amazing knowledge of Excel. From tech support and IT to jobs requiring an A+ certification to network administration and programming, whatever your passion, we want to help you find a job!

The tech industry has an enormous amount of openings. You can apply online to for careers with employers like Staples, Office Max, Best Buy, and Micro Center. They routinely offer jobs in tech support and customer service in their electronics departments and always need intelligent, capable tech support personnel.

If you don’t know PCs as well as you know Macs or you can’t live without an iPod, there Apple stores around the country that are looking for you! Whatever level of technological or electronics experience you have, let us help you find a job!