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Do you love the open sea? Does hopping from port to port and experiencing exotic food, cultures, and locations sound like a dream to you? Well, your dreams have just come true. Cruise lines offer an extraordinary prospect for independent people to earn money, see the world, and profit from considerable and varied work experience.


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Cruise Ship Jobs: A popular segment of the travel industry, cruise lines may expect a 13 percent business increase throughout the next ten years, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. More than 80,000 employees work within the water transportation industry, and many provide cruise ship services. With an average wage sitting generously at about $25.00 an hour, captains and deckhands often must hold bachelor's degrees from merchant marine academies to gain employment consideration. Other crew workers may receive an average of $35,000 annually. Cruise ships often collect a diverse set of employees to provide guest services, as well. Casino, child care, entertainment, food and beverage, management, and retail jobs also exist on most excursions. Pay rates compare to wages received on land within each field.

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To Qualify: Entry-level ship workers often endure six months to a year of training depending on the size and type of vessel. Licenses may also prove necessary on a situational basis. Most on-board employees must hold STCW certificates in order to knowledgably act in the event of an emergency. Qualities of importance for cruise ship job holders include customer service skills, hand-eye coordination, physical strength, and mechanical abilities. Bilingual capabilities also often prove mandatory or preferential.

On the Job: General duties of all associates include operating and maintaining vessels, following the company chain of commands, and ensuring the safety of guests and cargo. Workers must anticipate a small, cramped environment and long periods of time away from home. Storms and bad weather often increase risks of injury on the job in addition to responsibilities working with machinery, heavy equipment, and cargo.

To Apply: Cruise ship occupations become accessible through the completion of job application forms accessed on company websites or water travel databases. Applicable experience and education should receive emphasis during the submission process to ensure proper consideration. For some positions, such as entertainment gigs, cruise lines may require acceptance through talent auditions often held in large cities.