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Hiring managers for Foot Locker look to hire workers with positive attitudes, great customer service skills, and dedication. Popular entry-level positions include sales associate and sales lead jobs.

Facts About Working at Foot Locker

Minimum Age to Work at Foot Locker: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Foot Locker?)

Foot Locker Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sun: 11:00am-6:00pm

Available Positions at Foot Locker: Sales Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Manager, Maintenance Technician, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Accounting Intern, Programmer, Imaging Technician Intern, Restocker, Technical Services Intern, Customer Service Associate, Administrative Assistant, Store Planner, Sales Lead, Inside Team Sales Associate, Management Trainee, Order Picker, Replenishment Restocker, Warehouse Associate, Key Holder, Customer Service Specialist

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Foot Locker Job Opportunities

Entry-level work with Foot Locker consists primarily of assisting with customer needs, while sales leads drive sales to maximize store profits. Managerial jobs at Foot Locker stores include assistant manager and store manager roles. Assistant managers remain active in all aspects of store operations and become acting manager when the store manager is unavailable. Foot Locker store managers oversee all store operations, report to district managers, hire and train new employees, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Foot Locker Employment and Salary Information

As a steadily growing international business, Foot Locker often needs to hire both entry-level employees and professional associates. The company must staff part-time vacancies and full-time jobs alike. Apply online to receive employment consideration with Foot Locker now. Fill out the Foot Locker online application form to find retail career opportunities today. Foot Locker must fill the following retail jobs:

Sales Associate

Foot Locker sales associate workers typically assist customers with sizing and fit questions. Sales associate duties may include operating registers, stocking product, and completing other assigned tasks. Sales associates with Foot Locker often earn starting pay rates near minimum wage. Read more about the Sales Associate position including interview with former sales associate.


Job Description and Duties
Athletic apparel provider Foot Locker employs a friendly and knowledgeable workforce in stores across the world. Foot Locker needs management employees to oversee store operations and workers relations. Managers and team leaders set sales goals for other employees, perform office duties, and participate in traditional customer service responsibilities. Most managers include current staff members with work records of excellent service and responsibility. Both part-time and full-time management positions exist for job seekers. The general hierarchy starts with sales lead, assistant manager, and finally, store manager. Applicants must meet the minimum hiring age requirements of 18-years old. Workers must also possess previous and related experience in the retail industry prior to employment.

Salary and Compensation
Store managers with Foot Locker may choose between an hourly wage or salary options, though many workers choose the latter. Annual salary pay ranges anywhere from $27,000 to over $50,000 a year. Overtime pay also exists at many Foot Locker locations. Aside from monetary rewards, store managers may access several major job benefits. Standard employee benefits include medical insurance for vision, dental, and general health.

Benefits of Working at Foot Locker

Employees at Foot Locker enjoy several job benefits in addition to competitive pay rates. Entry-level workers receive flexible scheduling opportunities, paid job training, and industry-competitive pay scales. Eligible Foot Locker employees may access health bonuses, future planning perks, and additional employment benefits.

Foot Locker health benefits packages offer qualified workers various health insurance plans and flexible spending accounts. Eligible Foot Locker associates may take advantage of financial planning benefits, such as a 401(k) retirement plan and various life and disability insurance plans. Additional Foot Locker employee benefits include paid vacation days and management training. Apply online to find additional Foot Locker employment benefits information.

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