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Are you artistic? Do you keep up with every single celebrity hair style and enjoy interacting with people on a daily basis to get the latest gossip? Do you color your own hair because the local stylist just can’t get it right? Maybe you’re sitting there thinking you’re just too manly for that. Perhaps your beard is so legendary that it has a name at the local pub or your cut is so clean that your superior officer will never go to anyone else. Either way, you should stop dreaming and start doing. There are employers right now with jobs for creative barbers and stylists just waiting to hire you.

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Working at places like Great Clips and Sport Cuts will afford you the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life while making money. Some employers like Supercuts have jobs just working as a receptionist or being the salon’s artistic director. Others like Glamour Shots offer exciting careers as photographers and some places are even looking for models! These same places need creative people to mix and match colors to find just the right natural hair tone for the customer’s skin complexion. Other clients may want off-the-wall color to provide that all-important statement of personal expression.

What if this sounds a little too feminine for you? Then why not consider working at a barber shop? They just might be looking for you. Whether you like the idea of handling Sampson’s mane, shaping scruffy sideburns, or can’t wait to shave off that mohawk or Van Buren, this might be the right place for you. Working at a barber shop may not have the glamor of a salon, but there’s always the latest sports statistics or military mind to keep you from running with scissors.

Applications are available below for stylists, barbers, receptionists, art directors, photographers, managers, and more! If you’ve got creative passion and a knack for snipping or styling, seeing happening hairdos and crew cuts or primping princesses for prom pictures, then apply online today!