How Old to Work at CHASE?

At What Age Does CHASE Hire?

Usually at 18 Years of Age
Job seekers interested in working at a CHASE bank branch need to meet certain qualifications to receive hiring consideration. Unlike employers in other industries, which often hire workers as young as 16, CHASE hires candidates at 18 years of age and older. The major banking services provider regularly offers employment at branch offices across the country. In addition to featuring a minimum hiring age of eighteen years, available branch banking jobs require each applicant to hold a high school diploma or GED. Bank branches prefer to hire college graduates to fill more advanced positions. Candidates also need to possess a minimum of six months to one year of experience related to the position sought, depending on the job title.

Most Frequent Openings
CHASE bank branches hire most often to fill teller, personal banker, and relationship banker positions. Each job title comes with sets of responsibilities pertaining to specific aspects of serving bank customers. Entry-level tellers assist customers in performing everyday transactions, while personal and relationship bankers focus on the recruitment, retention, and financial wellbeing of clients. Candidates applying for relationship banker jobs must possess or obtain proper licensure as mandated by the state of employment. Average pay for bank employees ranges from an hourly rate of $11.00 or $12.00 for tellers to $16.00 or $17.00 per hour for personal and relationship bankers. After completing each step of the hiring process, which typically includes multiple interviews, applicants for CHASE jobs receive notification of the final decision within a week or two of meeting with bank personnel for the last time.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does CHASE Hire at 17? No.
  • Does CHASE Hire at 16? No.
  • Does CHASE Hire at 15? No.
  • Does CHASE Hire at 14? No.

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