How Old to Work at Forever 21?

At What Age Does Forever 21 Hire?

Job seekers often ask, “How old do I have to be to work at Forever 21?” and “Does Forever 21 hire at 16?” In most cases, the minimum age requirement to work at the popular clothing and accessory store stands at sixteen years, but the retailer prefers to hire workers with high school diplomas or even higher levels of education. Some states may require employment seekers 17 and under to secure work permits before starting jobs with the specialty store. The organization generally limits underage associates to part-time job schedules due to school commitments or state regulations regarding how many hours youths may work. Aside from a minimum age requirement and moderate scheduling limitations for younger workers, the retailer sets few other restrictions on applicants for entry-level hiring consideration.

Forever 21 Application

Entry Level Applicants
Inexperienced workers generally obtain sales associate jobs at Forever 21 stores with ease, with minimum wage proving typical starting pay for most employees. Aspiring sales associates should simply demonstrate personable qualities and desires to provide great customer service. Younger job seekers who communicate love for the brand and fashion may gain additional hiring consideration despite lacking retail job experience. Applicants with extensive job histories should utilize knowledge attained at previous jobs to exhibit familiarity with retail settings. Hiring managers often contact future employees via telephone to make job offers after promising screening sessions.

Typical Job Openings & Qualifications
Forever 21 needs sales associates to perform cashier and sales floor duties. When operating cash registers, sales associates greet customers, scan items, apply coupons or discounts when applicable, take multiple forms of payment, and administer change. Associates working the sales floors assist customers with locating items, offer helpful suggestions, perform stocking duties, and consistently keep the store looking tidy and presentable. Sales associate jobs may require employees to stand on foot for long periods of time during shifts. Employees should also maintain the ability to lift 15 to 25 pounds at a time in order to competently stock products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does Forever 21 Hire at 17? Yes.
  • Does Forever 21 Hire at 16? Yes.
  • Does Forever 21 Hire at 15? No.
  • Does Forever 21 Hire at 14? No.

2 user comments:

  1. DaiJanae

    Really? I’m 17 years old going on 18, and the employees at the Forever 21 store in Rockaway Mall, NJ were more than eager to turn me away when I walked in with an application saying “You have to be 18.”

  2. Breeana

    I’m 16 years old, going on 17 in August. I went online to fill out an application & it said that I have to be 18.


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