Legal Age to Work in Nebraska

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Nebraska (NE) Quick Reference Table
AgeSummary of Requirements
14-15Must have a Class 1 work permit, very limited on hours worked during the school year. Limited to retail, clerical, and child care occupations. May not work where alcohol is sold or served.
16-17Must have Class 2 work permit, Cannot work after 10:00pm or before 5:00am. See the link below for the prohibited occupations.
18-20Must be 18 to work in establishments that sell or serve alcohol for consumption
21Able to serve alcohol for consumption. No restrictions.

Nebraska Child Labor Laws

The State of Nebraska allows individuals as young as 14 years of age to participate in gainful employment. However, since many industries prove dangerous and unsuitable for minors, labor laws must remain in place and stand strictly upheld to ensure protection of youth citizens. Along with hour restrictions, minors aged 14 and 15 require employment certificates to guarantee jobs do not interfere with the education of youths. Employers also stand required to post a list of all employed minors near the main entrance of the establishment and keep a detailed copy for each minor as part of official records.

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Employment Certificate

Employment certificates safeguard both youth employees and employers and remain mandatory for minors standing at fourteen and fifteen. The form remains available at most school district offices and must be approved by the district superintendent upon completion. School records and proof of age in the form of a birth certificate, passport, or baptismal certificate must accompany employment certificate submissions. Once approved, one copy of the certificate stays with the minor, one goes on file in the Nebraska Department of Labor, and one must remain on file with the employer. Minors working as golf caddies or engaged in parental employment stand exempt from filing an employment certificate.

How Many Hours Can a Minor Work?

Employers should take note that state hour restrictions vary greatly from Nebraska to federal law. If the business falls under federal jurisdiction, hour restrictions for minors stand stricter. According to the State of Nebraska, minors aged 14 to 17 may work no more than eight hours a day nor more than 48 hours in a given week. Fourteen and fifteen year olds may not engage in labor between the hours of 8:00pm and 6:00am. 16 and 17 year olds may work as late as 10:00pm but still may not labor before 6:00am. However, special permits allowing minors to work later may be obtained provided no school stands in session the next morning and the work environment passes inspection. The permit remains valid for 90 days and employers may seek renewal for a small fee.


As the state remains a major producer of corn, detasseling stands exempt from many labor law restrictions. Minors as young as 12 years of age may participate in detasseling for monetary compensation during the months of June, July, and August. Employers must acquire written permission from a parent or guardian of minors and appoint at least two supervisors over the age of 18 for every worker under 16. Individuals employed in detasseling may work no more than nine hours a day or 48 hours a week. Employees under fourteen may not work between the hours of 8:00pm and 6:00am while all other minors may work until 10:00pm.

Minors employed in the performing arts also stand exempt from regular restrictions. The state defines performing arts as any musical or theatrical presentation or production including motion pictures, theater performances, radio engagements, and television shows and movies. With written consent from a parent or guardian, minors may obtain a permit which allows youth citizens exemption from regular hour restrictions.

Restricted Professions

Nebraska law clearly states no minor may receive employment which remains life threatening, likely to compromise the health of the minor, or probable to deprave the morals of the minor. To ensure protection, the following industries and jobs remain illegal for a minor to hold:

  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • Mining and Quarries
  • Communications
  • Construction and Repair
  • Any Occupation Involving Power-Driven Machinery
  • Driving Motor Vehicles
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Meat Processing
  • Maintenance and Window Washing
  • Any Occupation Involving Explosives
  • Forestry Services, Logging, and Saw Mills
  • Exposure to Radioactivity
  • Wreaking and Demolition
  • Roofing
source: Nebraska child labor laws

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