How Old to Work at Ross?

At What Age Does Ross Hire?

Typically Hires at 18 years
Discount retail chain Ross Dress for Less offers careers in commercial retail stores, buying offices, warehouses, and corporate offices. A popular place to work for both entry-level workers and career professionals, Ross remains an appealing employer for anyone interested in retail work. Young people especially show interest in the company, as the chain offers thorough training and fun atmospheres. The retailer often receives questions from interested candidates, like “Does Ross hire at 16?” and “What ages does Ross hire?” The company does not possess the capability to respond to every individual inquiry, but young people should know the retail chain requires workers to meet an age requirement of 18 years for employment. The first section in the online application regards age, and candidates that denote ages below 18 cannot continue filling out the form.

Ross Application

Qualifications for Young Job Seekers
In addition to questions about age, workers also inquire about the necessity for high school diplomas or GEDs in order to receive employment. Ross often hires individuals currently attending high school and sets no restrictions relating to level of education completed. Along with education, interested applicants often ask if the chain requires past work experience. Having experience may prove beneficial to a job seeker, but a candidate lacking work history still earns hiring consideration.

Job Openings
The retail chain often conducts hiring at the store level for entry-level positions such as retail associate and night stock associate. Retail sales associates carry the primary responsibility of ensuring customer satisfaction along with secondary loss prevention functions. Customer service duties include greeting and interacting with customers in a positive way and providing prompt, knowledgeable assistance. To keep product loss at a minimum, retail associates need to maintain awareness of customers in the store and frequently check on guests. Night stock associate jobs carry less diverse ranges of skills required, with efforts focused primarily on proper merchandise presentation. When needed, stock associates may provide customer assistance and run cash registers. Both positions offer hourly pay at about $7.90 an hour. Job hopefuls usually learn about job duties and pay upon receiving hiring notification. Typically, associates learn about hiring via phone call within several days of interviewing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does Ross Hire at 17? No.
  • Does Ross Hire at 16? No.
  • Does Ross Hire at 15? No.
  • Does Ross Hire at 14? No.

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