How Old to Work at The Home Depot?

At What Age Does Home Depot Hire?

18 Years Old to Start (Usually)
The most common questions asked by applicants in search of entry-level jobs at Home Depot include, “What age does Home Depot hire?” and, “Does Home Depot hire at 16?” The answers to both questions center on the minimum hiring age of 18, which the store imposes when adding new staff members. The prominent retail chain prefers applicants possess the skills and abilities earned through graduating high school or receiving a GED equivalent. Previous, related experience in the hardware store industry proves favorable to potential employees in the running for available jobs.

The Home Depot Application

Job Requirements
Workers with unrelated experience still interested in Home Depot entry-level jobs should tailor hiring forms to show dedication and motivation. The ability to relay personal interests in home improvement, helping others, and general hardware knowledge stand out to recruitment managers. No real work history proves necessary to gain entry-level employment; however, hiring personnel may favor applicants taking extra measures to show interest in available jobs.

Most entry-level workers start out at minimum wage upon hire and receive formal job offers after one or two interviews. Employment officials personally extend invitations to join staff during the hiring process. In some cases, the hardware store calls prospective associates to inform successful candidates of employment after completely reviewing applicant pools. The positions most readily available to entry-level applicants include cashier and sales associate jobs. Workers in cashier positions provide direct assistance to customers in checkout aisles by means of processing transactions and handling returns. Sales associates work merchandise floors and answer questions about products, services, and policies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does Home Depot Hire at 17? No.
  • Does Home Depot Hire at 16? No.
  • Does Home Depot Hire at 15? No.
  • Does Home Depot Hire at 14? No.

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