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Insurance Industry More than 443,000 insurance agents currently work in the United States. The industry projects a 10% growth over the next 10 years. Development of new insurance jobs relates to general economic growth, partially due to the need for property insurance on new purchases. As large numbers of the population age, the demand for life and medical insurance goes up, as well.

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Job Duties and Salary Insurance agents hold a variety of related responsibilities, including explaining policies to and interacting with clients, maintaining records, and processing policy renewals. Some agents train in specific types of insurance, such as life insurance or disability insurance, while others carry out more broad duties. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median annual pay for an insurance agent as $48,150. Wages may partially or fully depend on commissions, with each employee earning percentage-based pay on every policy individuals sell.

The Insurance Industry at a Glance Applicants almost always need to possess high school diplomas or the equivalent to gain employment in the insurance industry. Further education may increase chances for hire, especially with education in business, finance, or economics. State-specific licenses also proves necessary to work as an insurance agent. Communication skills, including projecting confidence and analytic abilities, value certain applicants over others in the insurance trade.