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Facts About Working at JetBlue Airways

Minimum Age to Work at JetBlue Airways: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at JetBlue Airways?)

JetBlue Airways Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at JetBlue Airways: Customer Service Representative, Ticket Sales Agent, Baggage Handler, Pilot, Flight Attendant, Air Traffic Controller, Airport Operations Crew Member, Ground Operations Crew Member, Maintenance Mechanic, Security Analyst, Business Analyst, Maintenance Line Technician, , Route Planning Analyst, Payroll Supervisor

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JetBlue Airways Job Opportunities

Applicants vying for JetBlue Airway jobs encounter an in-depth yet simple hiring process. JetBlue offers individuals looking for entry-level work or professional careers in the airline industry viable options for employment. JetBlue work environments promote cultured and diverse atmospheres for employees as much as customers. Learn more about available JetBlue jobs and begin the hiring process with the airline today.

Popular JetBlue Airways Positions and Salary Information
In-flight – In-flight positions with JetBlue mainly include flight attendant and cabin crew jobs. JetBlue Airways in-flight employees essentially ensure customer satisfaction and passenger comfort. Flight attendants also demonstrate proper safety procedures. Prior to becoming a flight attendant, candidates must complete in-depth training sessions. Potential workers learn about flight patterns, first aid, and other skills necessary to perform the job. JetBlue Airways rewards in-flight crew members with around $20.00 to $24.00 per hour, or roughly $40,000 to $50,000 in annual salary.

Ground Operations – To keep aircraft neat, filled, and mechanically sound, JetBlue Airways hires motivated workers for ground operations positions at airports across the country. Jobs in ground operations include baggage handler, fuel team, and aircraft mechanic opportunities. Each position with JetBlue ground operations requires different levels of training and expertise. Baggage handlers must operate carts, belts, and scanners, while fueling teams use tankers, pumps, valves, and hoses. Most ground operations associates with JetBlue Airways earn hourly pay around $13.00 an hour. Naturally, mechanics and more specialized workers may earn higher pay rates.

Airport Operations – Another field heavily dependent on customer service, JetBlue airport operations team members provide registration and boarding services. Ticket agent and ramp agent positions stand as the most popular jobs for hire in airport operations. Additional roles, such as reservation agent and customer assistant jobs, also provide ample opportunities for work. Operations workers with JetBlue must possess excellent communication skills. Attention to detail and sound administrative skills may also improve hiring potential with the popular airline. JetBlue airport operations associates typically earn $30,000 to $40,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at JetBlue Airways
JetBlue Airways features heavily diverse work environments for all employees. To accommodate and retain the best team members, JetBlue offers more than a dozen highly desirable job benefits. The company offers both health and financial programs to qualified associates. Employees may find work benefits applicable for family members and dependents as well as for personal enjoyment. The hiring process offers further details on JetBlue Airways employment benefits.

The JetBlue health program features several forms of insurance, including vision, dental, and comprehensive medical coverage. Additional insurance options consist of short-term and long-term disability, disease management, and full-time prescription coverage. Wealth management benefits JetBlue workers may take advantage of include stock purchase plans, discounts on travel, guaranteed profit sharing, and 401(k) retirement plans. JetBlue even maintains a credit union for employee use.

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