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Offering a comprehensive blend of specialty departments and onsite pharmacies, Kroger supermarkets provide customers with one-stop shopping experiences and job seekers with ample options to find work. To gain consideration for employment, prospective workers must apply online and display a commitment to serving customers attentively and skillfully.

Facts About Working at Kroger

Minimum Age to Work at Kroger: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Kroger?)

Kroger Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Kroger: Cashier, Meat Clerk, Grocery Clerk, Store Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Assistant Produce Buyer, Pharmacy Technician, Jewelry Assistant Manager, Support Center Analyst, Customer First Clerk, Floral Manager, Grocery Night Stock Leader, Deli Coordinator, Produce Coordinator, Bakery Coordinator, Grocery Coordinator, Adult Beverage Department Manager, Grocery Department Manager, Retail Store Manager, Maintenance Supervisor, Store Management Trainee

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Kroger Job Opportunities

Entry-level bagger, cashier, and department clerk positions make up the majority of jobs most often available with the grocery retail giant. Regardless of job title, each associate must maintain a professional appearance and attitude, keep the store stocked and organized, and provide customer assistance on a regular basis. Candidates applying for entry-level jobs typically only need to meet an age minimum usually falling around 16 years. Additional hiring requirements often accompany certain positions entailing the use of complex machinery or heavy equipment. The chain frequently hires entry-level applicants possessing little or no prior work experience. Store managers focus on hiring candidates with positive attitudes, highly developed communication and interpersonal skills, and dedication to ensuring the satisfaction of each and every shopper.

Workers with related experience may earn hiring consideration for managerial opportunities and professional careers within the corporation. Management career opportunities at the store level include floor supervisor, department manager, assistant manager, and store manager job titles. Candidates interested in professional careers in a specialized medical field should look into the hiring process for gaining employment at the pharmacies prevalent within supermarkets. Pharmacy jobs typically require applicants to hold specific certifications in order to qualify for employment.

Kroger Positions and Salary Information

Needing to hire for entry-level jobs and management careers, supermarkets consistently feature opportunities for work proving suitable for candidates of all professional backgrounds. The extensive supermarket chain often promotes entry-level associates into management positions, with career advancement opportunities representing just one of the many employment benefits that accompany Kroger jobs. Potential employees desiring part-time or full-time work should complete the online job application form for popularly available positions, such as:

Clerk –To properly support and maintain each department, Kroger hires grocery clerks to carry out a number of various tasks. Primary job duties for department clerks range from organizing shelves to sweeping floors and providing customer service. In certain circumstances, clerks may also work as cashiers. Applicants for entry-level clerk jobs rarely need to hold significant work experience, as the extensive training provided usually prepares employees for the position. Pay rates typically depend on experience and normally range from minimum wage to about $10.00 per hour. Consult the Kroger grocery clerk job description to learn about stocking positions with the supermarket chain.

Bagger – Often known as courtesy clerks, baggers perform a variety of customer service duties. Primarily, baggers pack purchased items into grocery bags and sometimes assist customers with loading groceries into vehicles. Additional responsibilities may include retrieving shopping carts, returning unwanted merchandise to store shelves, and directing customers to product locations. Baggers may also need to help unload deliveries and stock shelves during slow periods. Ideal candidates should possess strong work ethics and the ability to serve customers promptly and pleasantly. Baggers earn hourly pay typically peaking around $8.00 or $9.00. Take a look at the Kroger bagger job description.

Cashier – The entry-level position of cashier involves greeting customers, ringing up purchases, handling returns, and answering questions about supermarket promotions, services, and policies. Cashiers also serve as baggers when necessary and maintain clean work environments. Associates working as cashiers must know how to perform basic mathematic functions and operate cash registers. The job also entails standing in place for long periods of time and constantly interacting with customers. Average rates of pay for cashiers hover around $8.00 an hour, with experienced workers often enjoying hourly pay as high as $10.00 or $11.00. Read the Kroger cashier job description.

Management – Featuring a variety of job titles ranging from floor supervisor to store manager, Kroger management positions largely consist of delegating work and supervising entry-level employees. Managers also play an important role in the fields of sales, customer service, administration, and human resources. Specific job duties include setting work schedules, hiring and training new employees, resolving workplace conflicts, completing payroll and maintaining financial records, enabling and motivating store personnel to exceed financial targets, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Floor supervisor starting pay rests around $9.00 or $10.00 per hour. Assistant managers generally start off making $17.00 an hour, for a yearly salary of about $33,000. The average salary for store managers falls around $60,000 per year, with experienced managers at certain locations earning up to $90,000 in annual compensation. Browse the Kroger manager job description.

Tips For Applying

The best ways to apply for Kroger jobs include visiting a local store and filling out the appropriate hiring forms or submitting employment materials online. Applicants may set up employment profiles using an online account manager through the company website, which allows candidates to save progress and return to the form at a later date. Paper applications provide traditional means of submitting employment information and usually remain readily available onsite at each grocery store. Each method gives job hopefuls direct access to available work. Individuals who visit hiring managers and submit materials in person may fare better than applicants using the online route to declare candidacy. In either case, providing truthful and thorough information remains paramount to gaining work with the prominent grocery store chain.

Application Status

The online application account manager allows candidates to check in on hiring status periodically throughout the interview process. Workers who complete all interview stages receive notification of hiring either onsite, online via email, or over the telephone. Potential employees may choose to follow up with hiring staffs after each interview or after the final interview takes place. Inquire about potential onboarding procedures or the best course of action to find out about final determinations. Individuals should stagger follow-ups to avoid acting desperate or even potentially annoying busy hiring personnel.

Benefits of Working at Kroger

As one of the largest retailers in the world, Kroger boasts the resources necessary for providing a wide range of employment benefits to workers. Each associate enjoys job benefits like flexible scheduling, industry-competitive pay scales, and comprehensive training programs. Eligible workers also earn a variety of health and wellness benefits, such as medical coverage featuring dental, and vision insurance, prescription drug plans, and flexible spending accounts. Additional work benefits available to qualified employees range from 401(k) retirement plans, company stock purchase programs, and paid vacation time to life and disability insurance, credit union membership, and group insurance rates for home and auto.

Additional Information on Kroger

A longstanding company operating since 1883, Kroger ranks among the largest and most generous chains of grocery stores in the country. Each year, the supermarket chain supports a wide range of causes on both national and local levels. The company pioneered the art of keeping excess food products fresh enough to donate to local hunger centers and soup kitchens. The grocery retailer also makes contributions to schools and local organizations in more than 30,000 communities nationwide.

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10 thoughts on “Kroger Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

  1. jordan s.

    my friend started with kroger at a fairly young age. he’s now like the produce manager and hes only 21. i want to be able to move up the ranks that fast too.

  2. Greggory Wicks

    I applied online for positions at Kroger approximately one month ago. I have not received any news. I would like some feedback concerning my application.

  3. Edward Coward

    Some of my duties working for Kroger included bagging, utility work, cleaning, unloading trucks, moving pallets, and garbage disposal.

  4. Banhoro Abdoulaye

    Some of my duties working for Kroger included bagging, utility work, cleaning, unloading trucks, moving pallets, and garbage disposal.

  5. LISA

    Kroger, was a great experience for me and very challenging.
    I enjoyed working for Kroger, and the new faces I got to meet
    with me being a cashier / bagger.

  6. Paula Styles

    Yes I worked for Kroger in 1972 for several month. I was a cashier. I enjoy working with the public and dealing with different situations as they come up. This was back when you actually had to manually enter register prices.

  7. Lynda Waterman

    I worked for Kroger’s when it was on Lynn Garden Drive in Kingsport, Tennessee back in the 1980’s. I enjoyed my job and the great customers I had the privilege to serve. I worked as a cashier.

  8. Trudy Wade

    Deli clerk doing customer service work. enjoyed it thoroughly. I loved talking with and helping my customers. I also was a produce clerk, fuel center clerk, and helped out in floral, front-end, and any customer needing assistance. Really enjoyed working there, but it can be stressful in some areas.

  9. Sherwood Wile

    I worked at Krogers as Deli clerk for 13 years and two years courtesy clerk. Deli work consisted of cooking, frying, baking, various meats, vegetables, making sandwiches, food trays, assembling holiday dinners for customer orders, slicing deli meats and cheeses for counter orders, dressing up front window displays,etc.
    Courtesy clerk: say hi to every customer, bag groceries, help customer out to their cars if needed, return unwanted items to departments, return damaged items to department and trash to dumpster, sanitized restrooms, vacuum lobby and offices, return carts to front of store. Sweep all aisles, help customers find items, store supplies away, remove all spills in aisles.

  10. Randy S. Hignite

    I worked at the Midland Kroger store back in the mid 1960’s to the early 1970’s. I started out as a bagger and carry out and later split my time working in dairy dept. and produce. I loved it there! Met customers and made new friends have the best memories of working at my first real job! I later worked night stock there from 1969 to 1974. It was good physical work and it kept me in shape.


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