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Since the 1940s, McDonalds remains a popular place to satisfy lunch and dinner cravings with original fast food menu items like the Big Mac and Happy Meal. With breakfast options added to the menu in the 1970s, McDonalds became the first major fast food chain to offer a full range of daily meal options. Today, as demand for the popular menu items increases, the internationally renowned corporation frequently recruits new associates to join the team. Customer service aptitude and motivation to excel represent ideal character traits hiring managers look for in both entry-level and professional hires.

Facts About Working at McDonalds

Minimum Age to Work at McDonalds: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at McDonalds?)

McDonalds Hours of Operation: Hours vary by location

Available Positions at McDonalds: Crew Member, Shift Manager, Assistant Manager / Manager Trainee, Restaurant Manager, Administrative / Office Support, Area Supervisor, Beverage Specialist / Crew Trainer, Building Services Specialist, Cashier, Drive-Thru Cashier, Closer, Coffee Specialist, Drive-Thru Crew Member, Equipment Technician, Floor Supervisor, General Manager, Grimmer Crew Member, Host / Hostess, Janitorial Crew Member, Lot & Lobby Person, Full-Time Maintenance Worker, Part-Time Maintenance Worker, McCafe Crew Member, Order-Taker/Cashier, Ordertaking Associate, Part-Time Cashier, Restaurant General Manager, Shift Leader, Supervisor, Swing Manager, Zone Manager, Entrenador de empleados/especialista en bebidas, Gerente, Gerente de Zona, Miembro del Equipo

Interview Tips: Go to the McDonalds job interview questions & tips page.

Printable Application: Yes. Download and Print McDonalds application. (PDF)

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McDonalds Job Opportunities

Entry-level tasks prove simple in nature, and most inexperienced job seekers earn employment with the fast food chain without issue. Associates who obtain entry-level crew member positions often perform cashier, grill cook, drive-thru, and maintenance duties. Assigned with multiple tasks, crew members must ultimately provide excellent customer service and complete food preparation duties quickly while maintaining company sanitation standards. Most locations complete a considerable amount of daily transactions, which creates exciting and dynamic work environments for associates.

Managerial positions also become available for fast food career aspirants, with job titles including shift manager, assistant manager, and general manager. The teams of managers at each McDonalds assure customers encounter first-rate fast food treatment by offering continual support and guest care. Managers perform rigorous tasks during long work days to ensure each location performs at maximum levels of efficiency and excellence. Candidates in search of rewarding career opportunities should access employment vacancy listings and job forms on the company website.

McDonalds Positions and Salary Information
A pop-culture icon and worldwide chain of fast food restaurants, McDonalds constantly hires new workers to staff entry-level jobs and professional careers alike. In general, workers only need to stand 16 years or older and possess reliable transportation to obtain hiring consideration with the quick service food chain. Read on to learn about popular restaurant jobs and compensation opportunities offered at McDonalds.

Crew Member – Like other fast food restaurants, McDonalds employs one kind of entry-level associates to do a majority of work in restaurants. Crew member duties include cashier and cook responsibilities. Compensation starts at minimum wage and often increases to $8.00 or $9.00 per hour with experience. Take a look at the McDonalds crew members job description.

Cashier – McDonalds often hires cashier team members primarily to work front registers. Cashiers serve customers, handle money, and sometimes man the drive-thru windows. The entry-level job typically pays around minimum wage. Read the McDonalds cashier job description.

Management – Each restaurant needs a team of managers to oversee operations during the breakfast, lunch, and dinner rushes, motivate employees, and provide additional customer service as needed. Shift leaders, assistant managers, and restaurant general managers make up the managerial team at most locations. Regardless of position, restaurant managers perform administrative duties, like hiring new workers, training new hires, creating the work schedule, and communicating with franchise owners or corporate offices. Managers must typically possess high school diplomas and several years of previous employment in the food service industry to obtain hiring consideration with the massive corporation. The restaurant chain often prefers to hire on managerial associates with college degrees or two years of higher education. On average, managers tend to earn a salary between $20,000 and $50,000 per year, depending on job title, experience, and location. Browse the McDonalds manager job description.

Benefits of Working at McDonalds
McDonalds job benefits packages may vary by job title and eligibility, though all associates receive paid training, bi-weekly pay, free uniforms, flexible scheduling options, wage increase potential, discounted meals, and advancement opportunities. Comprehensive benefits packages become available to qualified workers, with a few of the niceties including healthcare and prescription drug coverage, dental insurance and vision discounts, 401(k) retirement plans, paid vacation, disability insurance, educational assistance, and holiday pay. Submit an application online to begin the hiring process and gain access to a fantastic work environment where both the customer and employee come first.

Read more about McDonalds benefits.

Additional Information on McDonalds
More than 100 countries feature the Golden Arches, as the successful fast food restaurant chain serves almost 70 million patrons a day and totals annual revenue in excess of $20 billion. McDonalds shares worldwide successes with the less fortunate through Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), which came to fruition in 1972. As an organization dedicated to improving the quality-of-life for children with various illnesses, RMHC assists both the victims of the diseases and their families in practical ways. The benevolent fast food restaurant chain commits a penny from each Happy Meal or Mighty Kids Meal sold to the RMHC fund. Additional generosities of the RMHC include scholarships for students and grants for organizations devoted to the wellbeing of children everywhere.

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