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If you are an office supply enthusiasts or simply enjoy organizing your work area more than actually working, office supply stores may have the entry-level employment opportunities you seek.


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Availability of Office Supply Jobs
Whether operating under local ownership or as part of a nationwide retail chain, office supply stores typically provide multiple opportunities for job seekers to find employment. The availability of office supply jobs hinges on the extensive scope of products and services usually offered by such retailers. In addition to basic essentials like filing accessories, paper, and writing utensils, most major office supply stores maintain full inventories of desks and workplace furnishings, computers and printers, fax machines and photocopiers, and other high-cost items. Many stores also offer professional services related to printing and graphic design. With so many products and services to sell, office supply retailers continuously hire new associates to bolster an industrywide workforce of over 300,000 employees.

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Types of Jobs Available
Most office supply jobs put workers in positions involving customer service and sales. Cashier and sales associate positions represent the most commonly available jobs in the office supply retail industry and generally prove easy to obtain, even for people with limited work experience. Prospective employees should feel comfortable conversing with others in retail environments and explaining the features of products in positively ways to influence purchase decisions. In addition to hiring cashiers and sales associates, office supply stores recruit supervisors and managers to provide direction and leadership in achieving business objectives. The ideal management candidate already possesses retail leadership experience and knows the most effective ways to sell office supplies.

General Characteristics of Office Supply Jobs
Office supply stores typically boast clean and comfortable work environments similar to ones found at other reputable retail outlets. New-hire associates usually complete some form of training and must demonstrate the ability to learn and memorize information about the products available in store. Non-supervisory employees, such as cashiers and sales associates, work an average of less than 30 hours per week but must remain standing for the majority of time spent on the job. While office supply jobs often demand flexible schedule availability, store associates generally adhere to daytime or evening hours and seldom need to work overnight shifts unless required by the responsibilities of the position. The average hourly wage falls around $9.00 for cashiers and $11.00 for sales associates, while managers of office supply stores earn about $35,000 per year in starting salary.

State of the Office Supply Store Industry
As the national economy continues to rebound, market researchers expect the outlook for the retail office supply industry to improve accordingly. With businesses and households recording increases in profits and disposable income respectively, industry analysts predict a subsequent rise in spending on previously expendable products like office supplies. Consequently, office supply jobs should remain available as long as consumers continue to need and purchase items for professional use in the workplace. More specifically, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the availability of sales associate jobs to grow by 10 percent across the retail industry through 2022, thus making entry-level employment at office supply stores highly accessible for the foreseeable future.