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Old Navy Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Specializing in accessible fashions for the whole family, Old Navy also offers easily accessible employment opportunities to job seekers across the country. The fashion retailer constantly hires workers into entry-level store jobs and management careers. Prospective employees may peruse the multitude of jobs available and easily apply for open positions online.

Facts About Working at Old Navy

Minimum Age to Work at Old Navy: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Old Navy?)

Old Navy Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sun:10:00am-6:00pm

Available Positions at Old Navy: Sales Associate, Stock Clerk, Stock Lead, Shift Supervisor, Assistant Store Manager, Assistant Merchandising Manager, Brand Logistics Expert, Brand Visual Merchandise Expert, Cashier Lead, Credit Card Promoter, Customer Experience Associate, Associate Designer, Designer, Designer for Kids and Baby, Women’s Active, Designer for Women’s Maternity and Plus, Denim, Woven Bottoms and Outerwear, Director of Design, Product Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Old Navy Job Opportunities

When searching for Old Navy jobs online, applicants regularly come across entry-level sales and stock positions. With a primary emphasis on customer service and merchandising, entry-level employment with the popular retailer demands outstanding interpersonal skills and an eye for the latest trends in fashion. While entry-level jobs traditionally feature minimal hiring requirements, the fashion retailer often prefers to hire candidates with high school diplomas and experience working within a team. Schedule flexibility also impacts the amount of hiring consideration given to job seekers applying for entry-level employment.

Workers with prior sales or merchandising experience in retail should consider applying for one of the many management positions routinely available at Old Navy. The fashion retail chain hires various assistant managers to support the store manager at each location in enforcing company standards, maintaining profitable operations, and ensuring the quality of products and services offered. In addition to possessing relevant work experience, managers need to demonstrate passion for the brand and for fashion in general. Applicants with proven leadership abilities and knowledge of business processes, as well, tend to make ideal managers.

Old Navy Positions and Salary Information

While job seekers as young as 16 often qualify to work as entry-level associates at Old Navy, the fashion retailer typically hires applicants 18 years of age and older for most other positions. Employees enjoy opportunities to earn generous pay, work a variety of shifts, and move up professionally to more advanced careers within the company. Some of the most popularly available job titles include:

Customer Experience Associate – Combining cashier and sales associate duties, the position of sellebrity, also known as customer experience associate, puts workers in direct contact with customers on a regular basis. Employees assist shoppers at the fitting rooms, on the sales floor, and at the checkout counter. Job duties range from offering product suggestions and organizing displays to ringing up merchandise and returning items from the fitting rooms to the sales floor. The entry-level positions requires no previous experience and pays between $8.00 and $9.00 per hour. Refer to the Old Navy customer experience associate job description for more information on job duties and pay scales.

Brand Visual Merchandise Expert – Merchandising specialists work in either the men’s, women’s, or kid’s departments and assist in coaching and motivating sellebrity associates. Additional responsibilities include ensuring the proper placement of merchandise on the sales floor and overseeing the receipt of product shipments. Old Navy hiring managers often prefer merchandising specialists to possess college degrees and previous related experience. Pay scales generally fall between $10.00 and $12.00 an hour.

Old Navy Brand Logistics Expert – An Old Navy brand logistics expert takes charge of merchandise handling for store locations. Primary job duties include maintaining a well-stocked and meticulously organized stock room. Old Navy stock clerks perform duties in several other categories, as well. Logistics experts must follow proper receiving and processing procedures, demonstrate service-based selling behaviors, communicate staffing requirements to leadership team members, and ensure store stockrooms meet standard risk management requirements.

Managers – Managers make sure everything from sales and profits to customer service and store layout remains up to par with company expectations. Various assistant managers work with the general store manager to develop business strategies and set objectives, implement companywide promotions and marketing campaigns, open and close the store daily, and assess the performance of the store and staff. Other duties include hiring associates and creating work schedules, keeping track of inventory, and ensuring the availability of all products. Applicants typically need to possess multiple years of previous retail management experience to gain consideration for employment. Annual salary options start around $40,000 for assistant managers and range up to $60,000 or more for general or store managers.

Tips For Applying

Filling out the online application for employment at Old Navy first entails creating a username and password after selecting a particular job opening. Candidates may want to have a resume prepared beforehand, as the application automatically fills in the relevant information when users upload the document. In lieu of a resume, potential employees may complete the 11 steps of the application manually. When indicating availability, applicants should select as many days and shifts as possible to demonstrate schedule flexibility and increase the likelihood of securing an interview. To ensure placement in a suitable position, candidates need to remain open and honest when furnishing information, particularly when discussing personal qualifications and completing the assessments encountered later in the application.

Application Status

Old Navy primarily communicates with applicants via email. If necessary, job seekers may choose to follow up by phone or in person to make sure store hiring managers received the application and to demonstrate sustained interest in the job. Follow-up contact should occur no sooner than a week or two after applying. The fashion retailer generally contacts qualified candidates within a day to two weeks of receiving the application online.

Benefits of Working at Old Navy

As part of the Gap family of brands, Old Navy enjoys the ability to offer a wide range of attractive employment benefits. The popular retail chain extends health benefits like medical insurance, dental and vision plans, life and disability insurance, and private counseling services to eligible, full-time workers. Qualified associates also take advantage of financial benefits, such as employee stock purchase and 401(k) retirement plans. Additional job benefits potentially available to workers include merchandise discounts, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and discounts on products and services from other prominent brands and organizations.

Additional Information on Old Navy

Named after a bar in Paris, the first Old Navy store opened in 1994. Three years later, the company reached $1 billion in sales to rank as the first retailer to achieve such a lucrative figure after operating for less than four years. The success of the brand comes from a commitment to making stylish fashion accessible to everyone. Focusing primarily on current fashion essentials, the retail chain features staples like jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and skirts at each store location. The fashion retailer caters to men and women of all ages, from babies and toddlers up to adults. More than 1,000 stores operate as part of the fashion retail chain worldwide.

Seasonal Job Openings

Old Navy experiences a large volume of sales during the holiday months. To ensure excellent customer service during the heightened sales period, the fashion retailer expands its workforce by hiring temporary seasonal workers. The retail chain typically reviews job applications and interviews candidates from September to January. In most cases, seasonal jobs last until early February. The most common jobs the fashion retailer hires seasonal help for include sales associate, cashier, and stock associate positions.

Seasonal sales associates typically earn about $9.00 per hour. In addition to hourly pay, sales associates may qualify to participate in sales contests offering gift cards and merchandise as rewards to top sellers. Seasonal cashiers earn hourly wages between $8.00 and $10.00. Stock clerks generally start out between minimum wage and $10.00 an hour. Pay rates vary depending on area of employment and prior work experience.

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9 thoughts on “Old Navy Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

  1. Lindaz

    I went to my Old Navy interview and I think I did fine. I am also thinking about GAP so I am going to fill out the Gap application. Hopefully, I will get a job at one cuz I really like the store and the clothes. I would love for my first job to be at Old Navy or Gap.

  2. Larissa S.

    How was your interview at Old Navy? I really wanna work there too. What did they ask you?

  3. rose mc

    @Shanice, it says on the top of the page that it is 18, but that may vary depending on the place I guess, try to contact Old Navy

  4. princess

    what shoud i wear to the interview?

  5. Megan

    Ashley, you must be 18 years old to work at Old Navy.
    Princess, dress for the interview should be business casual — NO jeans or tennis shoes!

  6. Janessa

    I’ve been told you have to be 16 & up in order to work at Old Navy or Gap Inc. Period. I’m not sure how you’re supposed to apply. I was told a couple of months ago that you apply online but I’ve tried so many times & nothing happens? I thought I was doing something wrong but it’s a mutual problem that people are having over the internet. Please inform me with some information about applying online.

  7. Anna

    Alesha, I worked there for over 3 years and recently left only because I am off at college and am ready to move on to work elsewhere. Old Navy was my first job and believe me, it was great experience. You really catch on to how the retail world works–it’s not difficult! I think you and anyone else can work there just by showing them that you’re outgoing, responsible and willing to learn. Best of luck to you!

  8. Saboo

    You only have to be 16. Im 17 & I Have A Interview With Them Friday.

  9. Michael

    You have to be 18 to work at gap and only 16 for old navy. Ive worked there for 6 years, good college job, bad life job


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