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If you love to cook, serve food, or recommend bizarre ingredients to other culinary enthusiasts, a specialty food employment opportunity may be perfect for you.


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Ranging anywhere from selling giant cookie pizzas and warm pretzels to stocking unique foods from around the world, specialty food stores offer an amazing opportunity for employees to share their love of delicious dishes.

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Gourmet food related jobs

Jobs are available working the floor or back room at international market stores like Trader Joe's. If you would rather be serving a Cinnabon or picking out a romantic treat made by Godiva, you're in luck. Malls around the country offer a wide variety of careers from entry-level associates to experienced cooks, and these big chains are hiring with job applications online. Apply online today and get a job bringing smiles to the face of a child eating a Mrs. Fields cookie as big as their head or helping a seasoned cook find just the right interesting spice for their new concoction.

Mrs. Fields, Honey Baked Ham, Pretzelmaker, and Tim Hortons are only some of the many specialty food places always needing to hire workers. Starting your specialty foods career is easy. Apply online to a specialty foods location near you and you might start earning the benefits, pay, and other salary options you want.