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Target, one of the largest discount retail chains in the world, constantly offers employment opportunities in an array of career disciplines within the retail industry. The department store chain hires both entry-level associates and managerial workers to ensure excellent shopping experiences for consumers.

Facts About Working at Target

Minimum Age to Work at Target: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Target?)

Target Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat: 8:00am-10:00pm, Sun: 8:00am-9:00pm

Available Positions at Target: Cashier, Stock Clerk, Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Assets Protection Specialist, Store Facility Technician, Food Service Team Member, Starbucks Team Member, Service Desk Team Member, Cart Attendant, Bakery/Deli/Meat/Produce Team Member, Cake Decorator, Human Resources Team Member, Backroom Team Member, Merchandise Flow Team Member, Reverse Logistics Team Member, Pharmacy Team Member, Pharmacy Technician, Price Accuracy Team Member, Presentation Team Member, Signing Team Member, Sales Floor Team Member, Fitting Room Team Member, Operations Clerical, Administrative Assistant, Utility Attendant, Logistics Technician, Warehouse Worker, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, Department Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Job Opportunities at Target

A majority of Target store employees work in entry-level capacities across numerous departments and in customer service roles. Positions such as floor associates, cashiers, and stockers make up a majority of entry-level jobs available. Personable attitudes and strong interpersonal skills serve candidates well. Depending on the position desired, other specific hiring requirements may include experience in customer service or sales, the capacity to perform basic math calculations, and the ability to repeatedly bend, lift, and stand accordingly.

The department store chain must also hire supervisors to direct the hiring process, ensure customer contentment, and maintain proficient store operations. Unlike entry-level applicants, managerial candidates with Target must possess considerable retail experience, especially in leadership roles. Generally responsible for the productivity and success of the store, managers need to demonstrate aptitude in allocating specific duties to associates, coaching and motivating employees to meet company goals, and interacting with multiple types of people.

Positions and Salary Information for Target

Target looks to hire a multitude of entry-level and career-minded individuals to work in retail settings. The retail chain needs to consistently hire to fill both part-time vacancies and full-time jobs. Associates must meet a minimum hiring age of 18 to staff the following department store positions:

Team Member / Sales Associate – Team member jobs cover a vast array of entry-level positions across various store departments. Employees assist customers with purchasing decisions, help find products and merchandise, and maintain store cleanliness. Workers should uphold corporate expectations for customer service, including upbeat attitudes, genuine friendliness, and helpfulness when interacting with guests. Team members should possess the ability to work flexible hours and remain open to working multiple departments. Both broad and specific understanding of retail sales prove beneficial. Truly devoted and exceptional team members frequently receive invitations to advance to department team leader roles. Team members typically make up to $9.00 an hour and generally work in part-time roles. Browse the Target sales associate job description to learn more about the position.

Cashier – Job responsibilities for cashiers include interacting with guests in friendly manners, accurately ringing out customer purchases, and suggestive selling of additional products and services. Employees working as cashiers should possess upbeat personalities, pleasant attitudes, and excellent guest-service skills. As entry-level, part-time workers, cashiers should expect to start at minimum wage pay and make upwards of $8.00 an hour with experience. Gain further insight with the Target cashier job description.

Cart Attendant – Target cart attendants collect shopping carts from parking lots and assist customers, as needed. Cart attendants typically earn starting pay near minimum wage and may assist with stock clerk, team member, or backroom job duties as needs dictate. Physical fitness and overall motivations to work generally factor into hiring decisions for cart attendants. Take a lok at the Target cart attendant job description.

Manager – Target labels managers as team leaders, and specific job titles include team leader, executive team leader, and store team leader. Team leaders work at the departmental level by supervising and training team members as well as assuring exemplary guest services. Executive team leaders function as assistant store managers and assist with employee onboarding as well as drive sales and oversee various departments. Store team leaders work to attain maximum profits, sales, and market share, while continually ensuring guest support and contentment of team members. Team leaders generally make hourly wages between $14.00 and $15.00. Executive team leaders earn yearly salary options starting around $50,000, while store team leaders enjoy salaries of up to $100,000 a year.

Tips for Applying

Interested job seekers may search and apply for available positions on the company website or in person at an in-store employment kiosk. Candidates should prepare for applying by gathering information relevant to the application process, such as prior work experience, education, and any relevant references. Apply for multiple positions, as many entry-level jobs overlap within the department store chain. Applying for multiple positions will also show a genuine interest to work with no noticeable hindrance. Stating ability to work a flexible schedule as well as nights and weekends, may also appeal to hiring managers. When filling out the application form, indicate any and all prior relatable experience to enhance hiring possibility.

Application Status

Target typically hires continuously for open positions at the store level. Candidates typically receive calls for interviews one to two weeks after submitting applications. The company may also utilize confirmation emails to signify receipt of applications. If not notified by hiring personnel after a couple of weeks, applicants may contact hiring personnel via telephone or in person. Checking on application status in person may help candidates stand out to management and may even dictate on-the-spot interviews because of showing genuine interest in the position.

Benefits of Working at Target

Employees with Target enjoy fast-paced, team-driven work environments. The retail chain offers employees comprehensive job benefits including medical, dental, vision and prescription drug coverage as well as specific medical benefits such as maternity support and tobacco cessation programs. Workers also enjoy store discounts, vacation, holiday, and personal days, and tuition reimbursement. Through several corporate partners, employees qualify for discounts on mobile phone plans, fitness memberships, and event tickets.

More Information on Target

To stay ahead of an ever-changing financial world, Target recently revamped an in-store credit program known as REDcards. The newer cards offer customers further protection from identity and credit card theft. In order to deliver the enhanced levels of protection, each card comes equipped with a computer chip which makes the cards more difficult to replicate. Customers also must utilize a four-digit security code in order to use the card for purchases.

Seasonal Job Openings

Due to increased traffic during the holiday season, many Target stores may stay open longer. Seasonal and regular, full-time employees may need to work extra shifts, including nights, weekends, and possibly holidays. Many seasonal employees typically fill retail and customer service positions. Common seasonal jobs include cashier, sales associate, and product stocker positions. Starting pay for seasonal employees ranges from $8.00 to over $10.00 an hour. Usually, pay depends on position and location. Many cashiers and sales workers make around $10.50 per hour. Stockers and backroom associates with the department store chain earn salaries around $20,000 a year, or about $10.00 per hour.

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  1. Brooke

    Let me give ya’ll a tip… Call them and bug the crap out of them when you turn in your app. I worked there for 3 years and thats how I got on.

  2. Felicia

    I wish people who worked there would leave more responses instead of people just asking for a job. If you want the job you have to apply for it and for the area you live in! This is a forum for you to get an application, ask questions like how old you have to be to work there, apply online and get tips on interviews and learn about the benefits of the job.


    i had no problems filling out the target application online they made it all very easy. . i prefer to use this site than any other.. thanks.. i seen alot of what was needed to know instead of the run around… USE THIS SITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Florance Smith

    I was a Flow Team Member and a back stocker for the Target store in Wichita Falls Texas back in 2007, I loved the job and I loved the team members that I worked with.

  5. Lynn Hanson

    I worked as a cart pusher and handled cleaning duties, took care of stocking bags and taking care of defective merchandise.


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