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Toys R Us Application: Jobs & Career Info

One of the leading chains of toy retailers in the world, Toys R Us operates an expansive network of roughly 875 locations domestically and an additional group of around 750 international locations. Seasonal sales spikes and ongoing popularity of the brand facilitate consistent hiring needs, which aspiring retail workers may take advantage of to earn competitive pay and excellent job benefits.

Facts About Working at Toys R Us

Minimum Age to Work at Toys R Us: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Toys R Us?)

Toys R Us Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sun: 10:00am-7:00pm

Available Positions at Toys R Us: Store Associate, Asset Protection Specialist, Customer Service Representative, Store Team Lead, Sales Associate, Sales Team Member, Assembler, Game Sales Team Member, Risk Management Support Representative, Off Hours Stocking Crew, Human Resources Department Supervisor, Back Of House Specialist, Pricing And Signage Team Member, Store Receiving Specialist, Maintenance/Housekeeping Team Member, Off Hours Stock Clerk, Department Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Job Opportunities at Toys R Us

Based out of Wayne, NJ, Toys R Us provides tens of thousands of year-round jobs and tens of thousands more seasonal jobs. Each location hires dozens of employees to serve as customer service, stock, and management staffs. Individuals generally begin in entry-level roles with the company in positions like cashier or sales associate. Most entry-level jobs feature part-time schedules, with options for more consistent schedules and additional hours available over time. A majority of managerial positions feature full-time schedules, although some lower-level positions, like supervisors or team leader, may only provide part-time hours at start.

Toys R Us stores remain popular among consumers for large, big-box store layouts, excellent customer service, and fun, interactive atmospheres. Job seekers must possess energetic and kid-friendly attitudes in order to work for the retail chain. Most positions involve some level of customer interaction throughout a given day. Individuals able to make product recommendations also gain favor during the hiring process.

Toys R Us Positions and Pay Scales

Jobs available at Toys R Us feature room for growth and advancement within the company. Applicants who start out in entry-level roles regularly receive promotion into supervisory or managerial careers offering high pay scales and access to employment benefits packages. The jobs most consistently for hire include:

Cashier – One of the most accessible retail jobs available with the international chain, cashier positions provide part-time schedules, paid training, and room for growth within the company. Applicants must stand at least 16 years old to assume cashier jobs and possess friendly, outgoing, and energetic personalities. Individuals able to work quickly, perform moderate lifting, and stand on foot for long periods of time make great cashiers. The toy store chain also prefers applicants with basic understandings of computers and arithmetic. Cashiers may assist sales associates in carrying out job duties, as needed. Starting pay scales hover around minimum wage for cashier employees and rise as high as $10.00 or $11.00 with experience. Read the Toys R Us cashier job description.

Sales Team Member – Sales workers at Toys R Us assist customers on the sales floor with questions and concerns. Employees may even need to stock shelves, run registers, or check storerooms for certain items. Solid interpersonal skills prove important in gaining employment. Applicants should present approachable, knowledgeable, and attentive personalities to receive added consideration for work. Sales associates with Toys R Us often earn starting pay near $8.00 per hour. Take a look at the Toys R Us sales associate job description for more details.

Management – Supervisors generally work to ensure daily operations run smoothly. Management positions include store manager, department manager, assistant manager, and team leader jobs. Managerial duties include hiring workers, scheduling employees, motivating associates, and overseeing daily store operations. Department managers usually look after employee scheduling and personally work to motivate subordinate associates. Store managers and assistant managers carry out administrative tasks in addition to supervisory responsibilities, like payroll, sales analysis, shipping and receiving coordination, and marketing. A Toys R Us manager earns a salary between $20,000 and $70,000, according to job title, department, and location. Read more on available management careers with the Toys R Us manager job description.

Tips For Applying

Toys R Us applicants should possess some form of familiarity or experience with children’s toys prior to filling out and submitting hiring forms. Individuals who enjoy working with children should demonstrate such qualities during the formal process of gaining employment. The retailer allows applicants to fill out hiring forms online or in person to secure jobs. Completing the forms clearly and thoroughly, in either format, remains paramount to receiving an invitation to move onto the next step. Provide as much detail as necessary and write in legible handwriting if filling out the forms longhand. Blue or black ink remain standard for the paper application.

Application Status

Workers may not receive word on hiring status for up to a full month once an applicant submits the appropriate forms, in some cases. Normally, a hiring manager contacts eligible workers to schedule subsequent rounds of screening and review after a week or so. The toy store keeps applications on file for months at a time. In the event of no formal contact from a hiring manager, word may still arrive months later. To check up on hiring status after submitting hiring documents, visit the desired location personally during a slow period of the day or call during slower hours and ask to speak to a manager. Use the time to ask whether the position filled already or what the next step in the process pertains.

Benefits of Working at Toys R Us

Individuals qualifying for Toys R Us job benefits packages enjoy wide selections of future planning assistance and health and wellness plans. Specific employment benefits often include 401(k) retirement plans with company match, vacation days and sick time, employee assistance programs, medical and life insurance plans, and 529 college savings plans. Workers also receive complimentary or discounted uniforms, in-store discounts on merchandise, competitive base pay and salary options, and paid training.

More Information on Toys R Us

In addition to traditional employment opportunities in retail, Toys R Us invites college students and aspiring corporate associates to work as interns. Undergraduate student internship opportunities assume 10-week programs, fully compensated, to work alongside corporate executives at the company home offices in New Jersey. Job hopefuls may also assume internships at company distribution centers and at select stores across the country in prep for careers in store management.

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9 thoughts on “Toys R Us Application: Jobs & Career Info

  1. Kyle Miller

    It’s not hard if you do a good job on your interview and show them that you’re really gonna be a good addition to their store. Show that you have responsibility and that you can work hard and you wont have problems on getting the job.

  2. Elsie

    Working at Toys R Us is terribly hard. They have horribly high sales goals and aren’t the happiest of campers if you don’t meet them. I worked there for almost a year before I had to quit, I couldn’t take the constant pressure. They expect you to get at least 2 or 3 people to sign up for credit cards. Are they kidding? In this economy? It’s not worth the time.

  3. Tom

    I work at a Toys R Us now, they want you to be really really self driven and people friendly. Always smile and know how to deal with children.

  4. Aubrey

    Toy’s R US hires at 16 with a school permit.

  5. mickell mayers

    Does toys r us hire non US citizens??

  6. jack

    Employees get 30 percent off working at toys r us.

  7. ashley

    I want to apply for a job with Toys R Us but I want to know how many hours I can work. I go to school at night so I’m not sure. Do I have to work it out with a manager? Do you know if they are flexible in their scheduling?

  8. james

    Does toys r us hire people with disabilities?

  9. Ricky Rivers

    I worked at the Toy’s R US in Charlotte NC, on Independent Blvd. I worked where you had to put bikes and other toys together , give to the owner when they came to pick it up. I also was the head cashier because I was fast, and nice to the customers. I also worked customer service also.


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