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Have you always enjoyed working with children or adolescents? Are you capable of explaining things in ways that make learning fun and easy? Maybe you don’t have a teaching license, but there are plenty of opportunities in the tutoring field to start a career in an area that positively affects the lives of young students.


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General Information: Tutors, or teacher assistants, most often find employment at private or public schools, childcare centers, community centers, or other organizations with focus on education. Interested applicants should possess attributes promoting the positive dissemination of information, such as strong communication skills, personable dispositions, certain degrees of resourcefulness, and familiarity with computers and other classroom technologies. Reserves of patience also make certain candidates more favorable than others, as tutors often deal with small children, large groups of people with diverse backgrounds, or students needing special education. Due to continued population growth, the number of children needing education remains steady and, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, projections show an average industry growth rate through 2022.

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Duties and Work Environment for Tutors: Specific responsibilities of tutors include reinforcing and reiterating lessons, either in one-on-one sessions with struggling students or in small groups; the supervision of students and the reinforcement of classroom rules and appropriate behavior, which may extend beyond the classroom to overseeing recess or riding the bus with students; aiding teachers in lesson preparations; and helping teachers keep track of attendance and grades. Approximately 60 percent of people employed as tutors work full-time, and, unless employed at a school which holds class year-round or asked to assist teachers with summer school, most employees receive time off for the summer.

Education and Benefits: The educational requirements to become a teaching assistant vary by state, and more specifically by school district. Generally, applicants must earn associate's degrees or attend accredited universities for two years; however, tutor positions which require a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent also exist. Furthermore, applicants may need to pass assessment tests. Aides interested in working with special needs students must pass additional, skills-based assessments. The average annual salary for a teaching assistant remains around $25,000, and full-time employees qualify for job benefits like healthcare and 401(k) retirement plans. Additionally, due to the limited formal education and low pay of the position, the tutor industry experiences a higher-than-average level of turnover, which makes job opportunities plentiful.