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As a recognized leader in retail sales across the globe, Walmart continually onboards new staff to fill thousands of job openings across 11,000 stores each day. Opportunities exist for both entry-level workers seeking part-time employment and career-oriented professionals looking for exciting new starts in the retail industry.

Facts About Working at Walmart

Minimum Age to Work at Walmart: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Walmart?)

Walmart Hours of Operation: Typically open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Walmart: Store Associate, Greeter, Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Maintenance Associate, Housekeeping Associate, Money Centers Associate, Stock Associate, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacist, Optometrist, Electronics Sales Associate, Cart Retriever, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Beauty Sales Associate, Automotive Sales Associate, Automotive Technician, Tire Sales Associate, Photo Sales Associate, Bike Assembler, Truck Driver

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Walmart Job Opportunities

Entry-level job hunters need minimal experience to gain employment with Walmart. Working in various customer-service roles, employees operate cash registers, help customers with purchasing decisions, and stock shelves with necessary merchandise. Customer service positions require continuous interaction with the public, and as such employees should possess excellent interpersonal skills, patience, and positive attitudes. The retail chain frequently promotes from within, affording sales associates and cashiers to move up to lower-level management positions, such as department manager or customer service manager, according to employee tenure and work ethics.

Walmart must also hire managers and supervisors to oversee the application and hiring process, guarantee customer satisfaction, and maintain efficient store operations. Managers function in an administrative role and must meet sales projections, profit margins, and fair labor costs. The retail chain continually needs to fulfill multi-level management teams with knowledgeable retail professionals looking to build focused careers. Supervisors must stand at least 18 years of age and hold prior experience in the retail industry. Educational backgrounds above and beyond a high school diploma prove beneficial during the hiring process.

Walmart Positions and Salary Information

The major, retail chain typically hires new staff to fill a variety of necessary positions, both part-time and full-time in nature. Applicants must stand at least 16 years old to qualify for employment with the retail chain, and most entry-level positions do not require previous retail experience. Stores often need to hire employees for the following positions:

Greeter – Greeters typically meet customers at store entrances. Employees assist customers by retrieving carts, offering coupons, and providing warm greetings upon entrance. Greeters may also direct customers to various parts of the store, depending on what each consumer needs. Store greeters may also maintain restrooms and entry-way cleanliness and assist in store safety precautions. Typical starting pay for store greeters rests at minimum wage. Read the Walmart greeter job description for specific details regarding the opportunity.

Sales Associate – Sales associates perform several job duties. Workers typically help customers find products and keep displays and work areas organized. Associates assist the front end of the store with price checking, answering phones, and helping customers in fitting room areas. Sales associates must maintain friendly dispositions, show knowledge of store sections, and replenish areas with merchandise, as needed. As an entry-level position, sales associate jobs generally yield starting wages between $8.00 and $9.00. Look through the Walmart sales associate job description for more information.

Cashier – The main tasks associated with cashier jobs involve accurately scanning and ringing out customer purchases. Cashiers also assist in appropriately bagging merchandise, taking payments for purchases, and giving out correct change. Employees stand, bend, and lift consistently for the duration of any given shift. However, most hiring requirements center on abilities to work quickly and efficiently. A cashier typically earns around $8.00 an hour to start, with the capacity to earn up to $10.00 with tenure. Browse the Walmart Cashier job description & interview for further details on the position.

Stock Associate – A moderately labor-intensive job, stock associate job titles carry responsibility for unloading shipments, organizing store displays, and stocking shelves. Associates must possess the ability to lift heavy objects, climb ladders, and operate basic equipment, such as pallet jacks, dollies, and forklifts. Strong organizational skills remain a plus, as shipments routinely need unloaded and stored on pallets representing each department to ensure streamlined processes. Minimum wage represents starting hourly income, with experienced stock associates making between $10.00 and $11.00 per hour. Consult our Walmart stock associate job description to find out about stocking opportunities with the department store chain.

Management – Managers at the retail giant include customer service manager, department manager, assistant store manager, and store manager. Customer service managers typically oversee frontend employees, such as cashiers, greeters, and return associates. Department managers hold responsibility for each respective department and corresponding employees. Assistant store managers and store managers must effectively hire, coach, and lead teams of up to 300 workers in a given store. Previous experience as leaders in the retail industry proves a must. Customer service managers may earn hourly wages between $10.00 and $11.00. The salary expectations for department managers rest around $12.00 to $13.00 an hour. Assistant store managers typically earn up to $50,000 in annual salary, while store managers sometimes make in excess of $100,000 per year, depending on store location, tenure, and sales expectations. Learn more about hiring requirements and pay scales by accessing the Walmart manager job description.

Tips for Applying

Walmart offers potential employees the opportunity to apply either online or in store at a hiring kiosk. Candidates should provide contact information, work schedule availability, and employment history on the job application. The online application also features an employment questionnaire which focuses on education level, specific work-shift inclinations, and salary expectations. Applicants should answer all questions honestly and as completely as possible. Allot between 30 and 35 minutes to complete the application, avoiding distractions at all times to ensure accurate completion.

Application Status

Candidates receive confirmation of receipt of application usually via email. Managers typically review applications and schedule interviews within a week of reception. If candidates do not hear from hiring managers in an appreciable amount of time, contact the preferred store of employment in order to check on the application status. Job seekers should try to limit phone contact to once a week in order to display respect for hiring personnel, who may hold other, more demanding responsibilities to tend to. Applicants who follow up in person sometimes benefit from on-the-spot hiring, as hiring personnel may find time to interview when meeting candidates in person.

Benefits of Working at Walmart

Walmart offers a multitude of job benefits for both part-time and full-time crew members. Part-time employees enjoy paid training, upbeat, fast-paced work environments, and employee discounts. Health insurance plans, prescription plans, and both vision and dental insurance remain available to qualifying workers. In addition to enrollment in company-matched 401(k) retirement plans, associates also qualify for stock purchasing plans. The retail company provides team members with up to 375 discounts on automobile purchases, travel, and wireless plans through the online Associate Discount Center.

Additional Information about Walmart

The retail chain looks to test new store concept in which shoppers make grocery selections online then collect purchases at pick-up centers. The new online shopping method allows consumers to place orders through the company website and then schedule a pick-up time to collect groceries from one of six drive-thru stores, where company employees load the selections into customer vehicles. The retail giant believes integrating technology into everyday life makes shopping easier, especially in the event of forgotten items. Online shopping and curbside assistance may prove the way of the future.

Seasonal Job Openings

Every year, Walmart needs extra employees to staff stores during the busy holiday shopping season. From mid-September to late January the discount department store chain may hire seasonal employees as stockers, sales associates, cashiers, customer service representatives, and greeters. On average, entry-level seasonal retail workers with Walmart, including greeters, cashiers, sales associates, customer service reps, and stock associates, earn starting pay between $7.25 and $9.00 an hour. During seasonal times, stores may change operating hours and stay open longer. Both seasonal and regular store associates may need to work multiple shifts or during nights, weekends, and possibly holidays.

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12 thoughts on “Walmart Jobs & Careers – Application Online – Employment Form

  1. Marilyn Vega Cardona

    I enjoy working at walmart. To be in contact with the costumers, and in those times with my co workers I feel like I belong to a big and happy family. That is truly how I feel. SAM was a great visionary…

  2. Crystal Brunty

    I have worked at Walmart twice, once in north Carolina as a cashier and then again as a cashier at another location. I loved my job, interacting with people and helping when they needed it.

  3. Bertha Brahm

    I workd with Walmart during the opening of the new store in Plattsburgh, NY. This entailed building display shelving and stocking the shelving. It was a disappointment to have to end working with the company as my husband was transferred to another state.

  4. Bernice Caldwell

    I have worked at Walmart twice ,once in South Carolina as stocking merchandise for ladies,and childrens department. I loved my job, interacting with people and helping when they needed it. I also worked in Michigan I loved working in the garden center staying busy with watering flowers putting new merchandise out working the cash register. I enjoyed working at Walmart to be in contact with the costumers, and in those ties with my co workers I feel like I belong to a big happy family. That is truly how I feel.

  5. taneatra

    Yes I have worked for walmart brefore . I was a stocker, and I learned to use teamwork . I also learned how to communicate with the customers .

  6. Brandi Rodriguez

    I was a night stocker at the Wal Mart in Batesville Ar. I worked there for a year and four month, and it was a great atmosphere.

  7. maria flores

    yes I have worked before I was across trained to work and learn everything in the store.. I know over night staking , layaway, customer serves, cashier, sales clerk train dept. manager, Fabric , flower rangement, back to school seasonal paint mix hardware I did everything even sporting goods. ….. I enjoyed working for Wal-Mart for eight years I would not ever say any thing bad cause I love the people I work for I met so many people.. I would love to go work with Wal- Mart again.

  8. Dennis Oyama

    I worked at Walmart as a backroom associate. I unloaded, and was a support manager overnight.It was a very humbling experience for me. I made lots of friends and enjoyed the people I worked with.

  9. Sheneka Alexander

    Yes I’ve worked at walmart and it was a great job I work in the deli I enjoyed waiting on customer and stocking freight.

  10. Maria Felix bonilla yanez

    I would fix items that aren’t in there places, I also would clean the floor, and I would clean the restrooms.

  11. Brenda Roenne

    I worked in the ladies department stocker from 2000 to 2008. Also did door greeter breaks and overnight stocking in many departments, such as boys and girls infants. I really liked working there.

  12. Renu Arora

    Walmart is such a big store, and open 24 hours and 7 days a week. Anyone who cannot come in the day time, can come in at night, and those who cannot come in working days they can come in weekends. The schedule is flexible.


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