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Facts About Working at Washington Hospital Center

Minimum Age to Work at Washington Hospital Center: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Washington Hospital Center?)

Washington Hospital Center Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Washington Hospital Center: Receptionist, Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Coordinator, Advanced Life Support Instructor, Nursing Director, Bioethicist, Blood Donor Services Technician, Burn Rehabilitation Therapist, Program Data Coordinator, Cardiovascular Technologist, Pathologist Assistant, Registered Nurse, Anesthetist, Clinical Care Facilitator, Clinical Engineer, Maintenance Technician, Food Service Worker, Cook, Baker, Data Analyst, Life Safety Director, Electrophysiology Cardiovascular Clinical Supervisor, Labor Relations Specialist, Paramedic, Ultrasound Technician, Hearing and Speech Therapist, Physical Therapist, Doctor

Printable Application: No. See more options or visit official site.

The Washington Hospital Center application offers job seekers a chance to work in the healthcare industry. Interested applicants may submit the Washington Hospital Center employment application form to receive immediate hiring consideration. Apply online to discover open Washington Hospital Center jobs today.

Washington Hospital Center provides the largest private hospital in Washington D.C. Washington Hospital Center offers primary, secondary, and tertiary care. The hospital also provides clinical, surgical, and other specialized services. Burn units, women’s services, radiology, and cancer treatment make up just a small portion of the Washington Hospital Center specialties.

Washington Hospital Center works as an affiliate to MedStar Health, a not-for-profit healthcare organization serving patients in the Maryland and Washington D.C. areas. In addition to Washington Hospital Center, other healthcare centers associated with MedStar Health include Franklin Square Hospital Center, Good Samaritan Hospital, Harbor Hospital, Montgomery General Hospital, Union Memorial Hospital, Georgetown University Hospital, National Rehabilitation Hospital, and St. Mary’s Hospital. With over 26,000 associates and 5,300 doctors, MedStar Health offers quality care and individual attention.

Job seekers hunting a career in the healthcare industry may apply online with Washington Hospital Center to find rewarding healthcare opportunities. Complete the Washington Medical Center job application form to receive immediate employment consideration at a medical center in your area. Workers at least 18 years old may apply online to start the hiring process today.

Entry-level employees with Washington Hospital Center may apply online for a number of medical jobs. Popular positions available include nurse, lab technician, medical biller, home health aide, and various medical assistants. Other positions available include psychiatrists, physical therapists, pharmacists, and audiologists, but professional hospital jobs may require applicants possessing further education and other qualifications.

Washington Hospital Center offers employees a wide range of job benefits. Many associates earn extensive salary options and bonus pay opportunities. A comprehensive health benefits plan, including health, vision, dental, and life insurance, offers eligible workers assistance with healthcare spending. Qualified employees may also access a 401(k) retirement plan. Complete the Washington Hospital Center job application to find more information on available employment benefits.

A single application form stands between you and a great career in the healthcare industry. Apply online to receive instant employment consideration from Washington Hospital Center. Complete the Washington Hospital Center online job application to receive hiring consideration today.


Washington Hospital Center
110 Irving St. NW
Washington, DC 20010
t: 202-877-7000

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