1-800-Flowers Job Interview Questions & Tips

1-800-Flowers conducts interviews primarily for entry-level customer service jobs performed from home. The 1-800-Flowers interview process mainly involves a solitary phone interview handled by a company hiring manager or human resources representative. While managerial and corporate candidates typically complete several rounds of interviews at 1-800-Flowers headquarters, the phone interview usually represents the final barrier to employment for entry-level job seekers. Generally brief and conversational, 1-800-Flowers interviews last just long enough to ensure applicants have the skills and equipment necessary to perform the job.

Hiring officials often start the 1-800-Flowers phone interview by providing details about the desired position and verifying that candidates have their computers properly configured for working from home. Job seekers may need to confirm schedule availability and review previously completed personality tests or customer service simulations with the 1-800-Flowers interviewer, as well. The online florist frequently probes deeper into customer service abilities with questions like: "What would you say to a customer ordering flowers for a funeral?" or "How would you handle an upset customer whose flowers were not delivered on time?" Successful interviewees normally receive job offers to end the phone screening and begin participation in formal online training sessions with 1-800-Flowers shortly thereafter.


  • Deen M. says:

    I interviewed for the Home customer service and sales rep, a home agent. It was very low key interview, as long as you have some cs and sales experience, a clear phone speaking voice and are willing to work 11 hr days, 6 days a week on the week before a holiday, you can get the job. Yes not kidding! It’s only about 16 weeks a year work, it’s a temp holiday position, if you do well and don’t call in sick it seems you’ll be rehired yearly. Good luck!

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