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With a growing fan base consisting of over four million members, 24 Hour Fitness hires active and engaging individuals to fill diverse in-gym positions. Since inception in 1983, the fitness center pushes expansion and employs over 20,000 full-time and part-time workers.

Facts About Working at 24 Hour Fitness

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at 24 Hour Fitness?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate/Retail Sales Associate, Service Representative, Sales Agent, Security Guard, Personal Trainer, Group X Instructor, Membership Counselor, Assistant Membership Manager, Membership Manager, Assistant Fitness Manager, Fitness Manager, Assistant Service Manager, Member Service Manager, Club Manager, Kids Club Manager, Business Analyst, Project Manager

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24 Hour Fitness Job Opportunities

Employees must follow the ACHIEVE model of success, which values accountability, connection with communities, high expectations, integrity, energy, versatility, and enjoyment of work. Individuals able to demonstrate commitment to or possession of such values make ideal job prospects. Furthermore, candidates with working knowledge of the fitness industry, students earning degrees in a related fitness fields, or job seekers with previous experience in sales, customer service, maintenance, or management hold skills relevant to available positions and may receive preference during the hiring process.

Recognized for hiring military personnel and military spouses, 24 Hour Fitness regularly employs armed forces retirees to integrate the veterans back into civilian life. Additionally, the company often affords favor to university students working toward exercise science or related degrees. Individuals with no formal education or experience also encounter several employment options with the company. Career-oriented candidates may start with entry-level jobs and take advantage of the free online training modules offered to motivated associates. The fitness center prefers to promote existing employees into managerial positions and the like.

24 Hour Fitness Positions and Salary Information

Individuals at or over the age of 18 find gainful employment with 24 Hour Fitness. Sensitive to school schedules, the fitness center provides ideal work atmospheres for university-attending job prospects. Candidates looking for careers in the fitness industry may gain experience through the following accessible positions:

Service Representative

  • Though previous experience in customer service roles affords candidates preference during the hiring process, any individual in possession of a high school diploma or the equivalent qualifies for service representative jobs.
  • After hire, service representatives must complete several training modules.
  • Individuals filling service representative positions must greet gym members, handle check-in procedures, answer telephones and member questions, record lost and found items, promote and sell merchandise, maintain the cleanliness of lobbies and locker rooms, and operate cash registers.
  • The position garners average hourly wages ranging from $9.00 to $12.00.

Membership Counselor

  • Receiving an average pay of $12.00 to $15.00 an hour, membership counselors must possess exceptional people skills and sales savvy.
  • The main responsibility of the position involves onboarding new members to help achieve company membership goals.
  • Signing up new members entails giving gym tours, highlighting amenities relevant to individual guest fitness goals, following up with new members to ensure satisfaction, promoting sales and programs, and maintaining the cleanliness of the facilities.
  • To effectively fill the position, job prospects should possess the ability to work with computers, high school diplomas or equivalents, the ability to lift up to 45 pounds, and must complete company sales training.
  • Previous experience in sales-oriented positions provide job prospects preference during the hiring process.

Tips For Applying

The 24 Hour Fitness website features a career page hosting a list of available positions. To apply, interested individuals must create profiles, which offer the option of expediting the process by connecting to a LinkedIn page. Filling out job applications requires entering information about past employers and education history. Gathering necessary materials, checking resumes for mistakes, and reading over completed work ensures candidates appear suitable for hire.

Application Status

Checking up on application status often benefits job prospects by communicating serious desire for available positions and making candidates more memorable to hiring personnel. In person, phone, and email communication represent appropriate forums to reach out to managers. Exhibiting mindfulness and respect for the staff, professionalism, and strong interpersonal skills may earn applicants interviews or job offers.

Benefits of Working at 24 Hour Fitness

Full-time and part-time employees of 24 Hour Fitness receive comprehensive job benefits. The medical insurance offered by the company covers:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life insurance
  • Disability and mental health
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid vacation
  • Holidays, and
  • Sick time off remain available to eligible workers as well

As a fitness center, the gym also offers a wellness rewards program, free health coaching, free club memberships, and associate discounts for training and equipment.

More Information on 24 Hour Fitness

Fully committed to cultivating healthy lifestyles for members and employees alike, 24 Hour Fitness sponsors several healthy recipes on the company website. Available recipes include appetizers, beverages, soups, stews, side dishes, entrees, and desserts. Each recipe includes the ingredients, cooking instructions, serving sizes, and a breakdown of nutrients per serving.

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