24 Hour Fitness Job Interview Questions & Tips

Job seekers find customer service, personal trainer, and management jobs at 24 Hour Fitness with regularity. Employment hopefuls submit hiring requests online, through employee referrals, or in-person. Managers typically review applicant information and contact potential associates via telephone to set up face-to-face interviews. The employment process usually takes between one and three weeks for applicants to complete, with most current employees citing participation in several interviews with multiple supervisors before receiving formal job offers.

For customer service positions, applicants generally field basic questions regarding work history, communication skills, and availability. Popular prompts include, "What did you do at your previous job?", "How would you handle a client who complains about his/her bill?" and "Do you have reliable transportation?" Associates often work at club frontends greeting customers, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and taking payments. Applicants with outgoing and friendly personalities fair well during customer service job interviews. Dress in business-casual attire, maintain well-kempt appearances, and show up on time for each meeting.

Personal trainer applicants must usually possess college degrees as well as CPR certifications to obtain hiring consideration at 24 Hour Fitness. Applicants with several years of experience may receive preferential treatment during the hiring process. Personal trainer applicants typically participate in three interview sessions. Initial screening may take place over the phone, in which hiring managers inquire about basic information like education and employment background. Promising candidates attend face-to-face meetings, which take on similar question-and-answer formats. Applicants should exude strong customer service and sales skills when responding to inquiries. During final interviews, personal trainer candidates take current employees through 30- to 45-minute training sessions for observation purposes. Applicants often receive on-the-spot job offers during final interviews. New associates must submit to drug screening and criminal background checks before starting work with the company.

24 Hour Fitness needs managers to oversee operations at each store. Upper-level candidates often participate in extensive hiring processes before earning employment offers from the fitness club. Applicants often meet with multiple hiring managers on different occasions. Attend meetings punctually and wear business-professional attire. Manager candidates generally answer behavioral questions like, "How would you handle a dispute between two personal trainers?" and "What would you do if a member was not paying his/her bill on time?" Applicants should showcase leadership experience when responding to inquiries. Use examples from past management jobs when possible and keep responses focused on customer satisfaction and team building when possible. Stay in contact with recruitment managers during each step of the employment process and express gratitude along the way.


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