7-Eleven Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at 7-Eleven

Those searching for work begin the hiring process by completing an application. Any prospective worker can apply online or in person. Promising candidates typically hear from management within a week about job interviews.

Many Job Interview Prospects at 7-Eleven

A major convenience store across the globe, 7-Eleven has over 60,000 locations worldwide. Jobs are often available for those looking to work at one of thousands of stores in the U.S. Many applicants describe the company's interview process as quick and easy.

Preparing for the Interview

Hopefuls should do basic research on the company before attending a 7-Eleven job interview. It might also help to review and update resume info, then print a copy to bring to the hiring staff. Practice answering questions in the mirror or to a friend to ease nerves.

Conversational Interview Style

Employees report that 7-Eleven interviews are fairly simple and laidback. Most candidates will meet with a manager or assistant in the store. Be prepared for the interviewer to ask about employment history, opinions, and abilities.

Interview Questions to Expect

Queries tend to focus on a candidate's job experience and skills. Sometimes, managers ask how the person would react in specific situations. Workers state that they received 7-Eleven interview questions like:

Applicants ought to consider possible responses to these ahead of time. That way, they won't be caught off guard during interviews.

What to Wear

Despite the laidback format, potential hires should dress business casual for the 7-Eleven interview process. Khaki pants and a button up shirt or polo are ideal for men. Women can wear dress slacks or a modest skirt and blouse. Remember to avoid revealing clothing. Arrive clean-shaven and do not have on too much makeup or jewelry.

After the Interview

While some job seekers receive offers on the spot, this is not the case for everyone. Interviewees may need to wait a few days before continuing the hiring process. Following up with a call or email a day or two after the 7-Eleven interview helps show initiative.

Interview Tips From a 7-Eleven Manager

Video Transcript

Interviewer: What qualities do you look for in an applicant?
7-Eleven Manager: I think that the most important quality is that that they’re honest and hardworking during their shift. At a store like 7-Eleven, it’s a convenience store, and it’s open at all hours of the day. You’re entrusting whoever that employee is to take care of the store, to make sure that nothing bad happens. If you have someone that is honest and is someone that you trust, that’s the number-one quality, I guess.

Interviewer: What kind of answers do you look for in an interview?
7-Eleven Manager: Again, I think that anything that can show instances of how they’ve been honest, how they’ve been trustworthy, examples of when they’ve exhibited these qualities, are more powerful than them just saying, “I am honest,” or, “I am trustworthy.” You can say, “I am honest, because one time I found a few hundred dollars in a cab, and I contacted the cab owners’ association and made sure that the person before me got their money back.” If you can pull an example like that, something that’s specific that you can prove, that’s very powerful.

Interviewer: How can an interviewee tell if the interview went well?
7-Eleven Manager: We do something called “diadding,” which is that we show no emotion when the interviewee is answering our questions. We try to keep a straight face the entire time, because we don’t want to influence their answer. But, you know if you can crack a smile on whoever is interviewing you, I think you can tell you’ve done a good job. Having a good first impression and leaving a good last impression is always very important. Two quick pieces of advice: Ask to be seated, and as you leave and whoever is interviewing you, shake their hand, thank them for their time, and if you ever have the opportunity to ask questions, always do that. It shows initiative. It shows that you’re interested in what you’re applying for. It’s more than just wages to you. It’s a job. It’s something that you care about.

Interviewer: What should an applicant do to prepare for an interview?
7-Eleven Manager: I think that one of the most important things they can do is have a general understanding of what 7-Eleven does and how their characteristics, how their qualities will relate to that job. Whether they’re willing to work long hours, and that’s something they’re accustomed to, go ahead, bring that up. That’s something that we’re interested in knowing. Other than that, just being able to relate to the job and the duties.

Interviewer: What should an applicant do after leaving the interview?
7-Eleven Manager: Before the sun goes down, you should send a thank-you email, at the very least. If not, drop off a letter. I think that’s great. Whenever an applicant does that, we look upon that applicant very highly, just because it’s really interesting. It’s a great gesture, saying, “Thank you for your time, appreciated the interview. I really enjoyed discussing this with you, XYZ, and if I’m hired, I look forward to doing XYZ.” That’s just a really powerful way to show initiative, to show that you’re hard working, and to show that you care.

Interview with 7-Eleven Cashier

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
7-Eleven Cashier: So, I worked at 7-Eleven, and I would just be at the cash register at nights.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
7-Eleven Cashier: It was late at night, people would come in, just purchase like a bag of chips, gum, lottery ticket, or something. It was cool.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
7-Eleven Cashier: It wasn’t that difficult. It was pretty simple. I went into an interview. He was a really nice guy, pretty simple. It was nice and easy. One of his questions was, “Where did you work before?”, and I told him I worked at AMC movie theaters, and he’s like, “What do you think you could bring into 7-Eleven from working there?” I told him I’m just people-friendly.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
7-Eleven Cashier: You just have to be pretty social. It’s kind of long hours, so be prepared for that, and you’ll see some interesting people.


  • Kev S. says:

    Best interview tip for 7-11 is to be prompt and demonstrate that you are reliable. Also, don’t try and sneak any free slurpies 😉

    If you have other customer service experience make sure to mention it and look your interviewer in the eye.


    “I’m willing to work hard, loyal dedicated individual who has a strong characters to succeed in any given environment. I have gain valuable experience in the Sears industry, as a volunteer for the L.A.U.S.D. & R.O.P. (Regional Occupation Program). I’ve always been punctual, easy to get along with others and willing to work efficiently on my own. I’m seeking a position where I can develop and top while giving my best to an employer”.

  • susie says:

    how old do you need to be?

  • September says:

    do you really need a diploma to work @ 7-11…but what if your taken classes to get your G.E.D. can i still work there..

  • admin says:

    You have to be sixteen years old to apply for a job.

  • Lorena Verdin says:

    Ive been trying to apply online but cant seem to a find the application

  • Ria B. Balistoy says:

    i want to be part of the 7-11 team, how can i be able to apply? i hope i fit the hiring qualifications…….

  • mo10 says:

    I was called for a 7-Eleven job interview tomorrow , what should i take with me?

  • jack says:

    do 7-11 normally do drug tests? like if u smoke weed or anything?

  • Andrew says:

    Do we get paid every week or 2 weeks?

  • Elijah says:

    Can I just walk into 7-11 and ask for a job?

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