84 Lumber Interview Questions & Tips

With more than 50 years in the industry, 84 Lumber is one of the top suppliers of building materials for both professional contractors and regular customers. The lumber retailer's immense reputation comes from a combination of exceptional products and a knowledgeable staff of more than 4,500 employees. 84 Lumber providers across the country look to hire new associates in various capacities. Entry-level and experienced applicants alike may find either part-time or full-time employment with the hardware retailer. Before starting work, applicants must successfully navigate the 84 Lumber job interview process.

84 Lumber applicants meet with several company officials during the interview process. Department supervisors, store managers, and sometimes corporate representatives conduct 84 Lumber interviews. Candidates face several questions that relate to personal background, job experience, education, and other factors that make up a potential employee. In addition, 84 Lumber uses interviews to teach candidates important company information, such as the people, employment structure, rewards, and specific job duties.

Communication remains essential for 84 Lumber interviewees, as each vacancy requires cooperation with coworkers, superiors, and most importantly the customer. With each answer, applicants should provide complete and concise responses that demonstrate effective social skills. 84 Lumber managers also look for good body language, amiable personalities, and the ability to handle even the most irate of customers.


  • Matt says:

    I have a interview coming up for a manager trainee position. I was reading reviews about the first interview and it seems informal. I’m not sure whether to wear a suit or not.

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