99 Cents Only Stores Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at 99 Cents Only Stores

Discount retail chain 99 Cents Only Stores features hundreds of job opportunities across Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. Local job seekers must first pass the 99 Cents Only job interview to receive hiring consideration from the retailer. The company orchestrates fairly traditional interviews for most applicants. Common jobs amongst the 99 Cents Only Stores workforce include cashier, stock associate, and customer service representative, to name a few positions.

The Interview

Hiring Process

A majority of job interviews with 99 Cents Only consist of a one-on-one interaction with a store manager. Prior to the interview, candidates must complete all of the necessary employment forms and bring them to the desired store. 99 Cents Only contacts qualified applicants to schedule the interview shortly afterwards, a process that may take anywhere from a single day to less than two weeks. Additional stages of the 99 Cents Only hiring process usually include an orientation session and probationary period prior to becoming official store team members.

During the Interview

Most 99 Cents Only interview questions revolve around employee reliability, as associates are expected to show up for work on time and dressed appropriately. Flexible schedule availability will be important to many store managers, as well. On a personal level, 99 Cents Only Stores interviewers ask applicants to talk about their skills, work ethics, and attributes pertinent to the job. Some common phrases and questions heard throughout the 99 Cents Only job interview process include: "Tell me about yourself," "How long do you plan on working here?", and "How would you encourage customers to return to the store?"

What to Expect

Standard Interview Questions

Honesty and confidence rank among the most important qualities 99 Cents Only interviewees need to display. Candidates don't necessarily need to have long-term career plans with 99 Cents Only; however, applicants should demonstrate enthusiasm and personal dedication to the job. Since many 99 Cents Only jobs require frequent interaction with everyday customers, clear and concise communication is a necessity for any successful interview subject. Applicant body language remains equally important for most hiring managers. Maintain eye contact and proper posture in every 99 Cents Only interview session. Examples of questions include:


  • stacy bn says:

    hii i work in a 99 cent sore.

    • Charletta says:

      What questions they ask at Interview & Do they drug Test ?

  • Elizabeth says:

    what do i say if they ask me what option do i want to work at the 99 cent store?

  • Isabel De La Cruz says:

    What if it’s my first time getting a job and i want a chance to work at the 99 cent store? To get some experience…

  • rey says:

    I got a interview tomarrow sooooo nervous ima skrew up on answering the questions lol It should l go good tho

  • William Guilleng says:

    What if i don’t have a High School diploma, will 99 Cents Only Stores still hire me?

  • Reymundo says:

    What should I bring to a 99 cent store interview and how should I dress for the interview

  • Selena Lopez says:

    Hi I’m Selena. I have a question. I went to a job interview and I went to the orientation and they gave me a drug test. I passed the test and I signed a lot of papers and the lady said she was going to call everyone on Monday, but she never called. Am I going to get hired? I’m confused

  • Edith says:

    I’ve never worked in retail. How should I answer questions about retail? I have no job experience but I’m a fast learner and I’m excited to start working.

  • Henry says:

    Do they drug test you the same day as interview ?

  • Jane Doe says:

    Do u hire ex-felons with a past record of twenty years ago?

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