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How to Get a Job at AAA

A leader in automotive services, AAA looks for knowledgeable, results-oriented individuals in the interview process. AAA offers comprehensive array of services and the company needs a diverse range of talents to fill necessary roles. The AAA interview process often varies by department, and sometimes by position. Applicants may be interviewed by phone, one-on-one with the human resources recruiter, on in front of a panel of hiring managers and recruiters. Some interviews with AAA conclude with assessments tests and written exercises.

Three Key Areas

The three key areas hiring managers evaluate in the AAA interview are team work skills, education background, and work experience.

General Interview Questions

Basic interview questions most interviewees need to respond to include “Why AAA?” and “Where do you hope to go with AAA?” Additionally, applicants often answer several questions exploring training and qualifications. For customer care roles, candidates may need to respond to a number of behavioral questions in order to determine personality.

Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral questions may include: “Describe a time when you had to make a difficult. What did you do?” and “Tell me about a time you had to take attention away for one task and focus on another. How did you handle it?” Situational questions like, “You suspect a caller is lying and exploiting the system. What do you do?”, may also arise in AAA interviews.

How to Act in a 1:1 Interview

During the interview, candidates need to remain calm at all times. All answers should be honest and direct. Applicants should show interest in the job by exhibiting enthusiasm all the way to the end of the AAA job interview. In the 1:1 interview, an applicant needs to look the interviewer in the eyes and speak with confidence.

How to Act in a Panel Interview

If undergoing a panel interview, candidates should pay attention and knowledge each AAA interviewer. Since panel interviews may seem overwhelming, job hopefuls should take out a pen and notepad and ask if it is okay to take notes during the panel interview. On average, the AAA interview process takes between 45 minutes up to an hour. Panel interviews may take longer than traditional interviews.


  • David says:

    I am going on m second interview for AAA. I have a clean past as well as a clean driving record, however with the economy my consumer report as suffered. Will that weigh heavy on their decisions to hire me??



  • JR says:

    I have an appointment for an assessment test on Monday and am not sure what to expect. Are they testing my computer skills or my writing skills? Is it just a personality test? I’ve looked online for what it may consist of, but haven’t found any answers, but my search has led me to this site. The position I applied for is an entry level position, although I do have my Bachelor’s degree in Business. I am trying to be prepared for the “assessment test” since I have no clue what to expect. If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jean says:

    JR, How did your assessment go? Mine is tomorrow. Are you working at AAA? Did you have a panel interview?

  • Denise Schmalz says:

    I had an interviewed with AAA Ann Arbor for a Travel Agent Positon. I have also did a test in Dearborn. I passed the test and was told after the first interview that they consider me for a second interview. My question is…. How long is this process? The ad was put in the AAA website in January. It is now the end of April? It has been 2 months since my first interview and no call. I did call down to AAA Dearborn to see if the job was filled and I was told no, So my question is how long am I to wait for a second interview? I also left a message for the manager in Ann Arbor about this and no call. If I am not a canidate then I wish someone would call me so I can move on. I really think I would be a great asset to the AAA company, so I don’t want to give up hope. It has been 4 months since the job posting and like everyone else I have bills to pay. Just frustrated….

  • Nicole says:


    I just completed an assessment which consisted of matching codes and answering customer complaints/ selling products to customers via a simulator. There really is no way to prepare for the test. I was told that I passed, and I will be contacted in 3 days. So if its been several months, then you need to continue to call, but I would look elsewhere because it shouldnt take that long.

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