Aaron’s Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Aaron’s

Human resources representatives typically oversee Aaron’s interviews. Job applicants sit with the recruitment personnel for brief periods during Aaron’s job interviews, which usually last between 20 and 30 minutes. Conversation typically remains very candid and casual. Applicants talk freely about topics ranging from employment history to skill sets and availability as well as professional traits and personal interests. Apply past work experiences to the specific job duties of the position desired to demonstrate a strong fit with the rental company. Workers should attend the interview sessions dressed in business-casual attire. At the end of each Aaron’s interview, shake hands with the hiring representative and express gratitude for the opportunity.

Expect Multiple Interviews

Aaron’s commonly takes candidates through multiple interviews during the hiring process. Applicants may participate in as many as three job interviews in a single day or complete the series of interviews in staggered fashion over the course of several days. On average, job hopefuls spend about a week going through the Aaron’s interview process for entry-level jobs and no more than a month for most managerial positions.

Examples of Common Interview Questions

Hiring personnel ask questions like, “Would you say you’re a competitive person?” or “What experience do you have in sales?” to gauge whether candidates will be motivated upon hire. Prospective managers sometimes sit through company presentations prior to formal, in-person interviews, after which applicants must respond to questions directly related to the presentation. Phone interviews also prove common during the Aaron’s hiring process.


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