ABF Freight System Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at ABF Freight System

One of the largest outfits in the trucking industry, ABF Freight System consistently needs to hire on help in order to preserve current operation levels. Hopeful candidates should complete and submit all the necessary employment forms and hiring materials to earn interview consideration. Potential workers may need to participate in a number of stages throughout the hiring process. Numerous one-to-one interviews as well as panel interviews may occur, depending on the position desired.

Drug Screening and Background Checks

Drug screening and background checks may serve as prerequisites to obtaining final employment offers from the trucking company.

What to Expect as a Sales Candidate

Candidates for sales positions may face multiple interviews during the hiring process, which often lasts around two weeks. Beginning with interviews via telephone, applicants answer questions about sales knowledge, previous work experience, and education. Candidates proceed to face-to-face interviews with hiring personnel, and some cite meeting with multiple hiring managers at one time. For entry-level positions, such as clerical workers, the interview processes may mirror sales positions. However, clerical applicants receive job offers after the initial interview, in most cases. Interview questions for clerks focus on typing and data entry skills, availability, and any experience in the trucking industry.

What to Expect as a Warehouse or Driver Candidate

For positions in the warehouse or for consideration for driver roles, applicants may need proper certifications and stand at least 21-years old. Driving candidates should possess a CDL and at least one year of verifiable experience, though candidates with less than a year of experience may be eligible for training. Candidates with prior knowledge of utilizing warehouse equipment, such as pallet jacks and forklifts, may stand out to hiring personnel. Applicants who are physically fit may receive preference, as bending and lifting heavy materials proves necessary for most warehouse positions.

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