Our Research

We like to survey, or poll, our users about current events and relevant topics. Data from each survey is organized into a final report and shared with the local press. Below are links to various reports created to date.

Job Census Survey Results (December 11, 2020)
We surveyed our visitors to see what kind of wage expectations job seekers have across the U.S. Read our Job Census Survey Results blog post to get an idea of how much workers think they should make in different states.

Summer Hiring Trends (March 18, 2020)
We researched seasonal employment opportunities available in the next few months. Check out our blog post on Summer Hiring Trends to get the inside scoop on who’s hiring this season.

Rising Wages in 2019 – Poll Results (August 05, 2019)
We polled our visitors to gauge their opinions on wages in America. Read our Rising Wages in 2019 Poll Results article to see if our users echo the sentiments of national reports indicating rising pay rates across the United States.