ACE Cash Express Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at ACE Cash Express

The ACE Cash Express interview process takes an average of a week to complete. Job seekers in the hunt for entry-level positions typically only spend a few days going through the necessary procedures to gain employment. Managerial candidates tend to participate in additional steps during the hiring process, with the average completion time falling between two and three weeks. Applicants wishing to participate in job interviews must complete the required forms for employment consideration.

They’ll Contact You

ACE Cash Express generally contacts prospective employees to schedule job interviews within a week of receiving the necessary paperwork. Most applicants encounter one-on-one interviews and phone interviews during the hiring process. Many positions require background checks, drug screening, and credit checks as well.

Multiple Interviews

Workers generally complete multiple job interviews for hiring consideration. Applicants often sit with as many as three managers in a single day when vying for available jobs. Some stores may conduct interviews on the sales floor, sometimes in front of customers. Other locations may reserve private backrooms to hold interviews.

How Long Will it Take to Complete the Hiring Process?

The hiring process usually takes on a relaxed tone, despite intensive and thorough procedures. ACE Cash Express interview questions primarily touch on sales and marketing skills. Hiring personnel inquire about abilities to make lasting impressions with customers and whether candidates possess the skills necessary to live up to expectations upon hire.

Tips on Dress and Basic Interactions

When attending ACE Cash Express job interviews, arrive early and in business-professional attire to make good first impressions. The financial services company may prefer applicants with experience relevant to the position desired but generally hires motivated workers able to carry out daily responsibilities. If possible, relate specific examples of experience from past jobs to demonstrate a fit with the company. Address interviewers in collected, positive, and customer-oriented manners. Show enthusiasm for the job and a genuine desire to work for the financial services company.

Common Follow-Up Methods

After completing the final interview, follow up with a phone call or email. Showing persistence to check on the status of the job may increase odds of employment.


  • maurice robinson says:

    I would like to work full time at Ace.

  • Karla says:

    It all depends on where you are applying to not all centers do refit check but some might as far as pay you start well around 10 and go up after that. You get paid incentives as well as hourly

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