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Ace Hardware pdf application

What Should I Do with This Form? is here to help people that would rather fill out paper forms. This page contains a printable Ace Hardware PDF application above. Continue reading for a guide on correctly filling in the sheet. Those who want to apply online can learn more here. Then, start the job search by looking for openings near you.

Ace Hardware Jobs

For an entry-level career in retail, Ace Hardware is a wonderful choice. These stores carry various home improvement tools, from paint to garden supplies. The company offers both full-time and part-time work. Applications could lead to employment benefits and competitive pay rates.

Getting Started

The top section of the Ace Hardware job application is simple. Enter the current date along with the desired job title. Prospective hires then indicate how they heard of the position. If none of the options apply, mark other and clarify.

Personal Information

Job seekers must now list their contact info. Include an email address for quick and easy communication. Underage workers have to confirm they can acquire a work permit.

Moving on, verify employment eligibility status in the U.S. Questions also ask about past felony convictions, as well as previous work at Ace Hardware.


To begin, applicants should specify a first available work day, and choose to apply for a part-time, full-time, or temporary schedule. Aspirants who desire a temporary job can add specific start and end dates.

Next, there is a chart with a space for each weekday. Record open times in this diagram. Underneath, enter a desired hourly wage and amount of hours per week. Candidates may also state their willingness to travel.

Skills & Experience

This section includes a list of skills relating to the job. Check all that apply. If fluent in a foreign language, make a note of it. On the final lines, mention other relevant abilities or work experiences.


The education portion asks for info on an applicant’s high school, college, and grad school history. There is a spot for other schooling too, like trades or vocations. Fill in the names and addresses of these institutions, plus the years completed, major courses of study, and any degrees earned.

Employment History

Next, give a name and address for each previous employer, beginning with the most recent. Explain all lapses between jobs. Attach a separate piece of paper if necessary.

For every past job, write a brief summary of the positions held and required duties. Describe any reasons for leaving. Check the box at the bottom if there are additional sheets.


This requests three non-family references. For each one, add a name, phone number, and email. Indicate the relationship to the person and total years known.

Supplemental Information

The application has two last questions with room for extended answers. First, it needs potential employees to describe why they want to work at Ace Hardware. Then, it asks them to define the term customer service. Be sure to elaborate and select words carefully.

Final Statement and Signature

Before signing and dating the document, read the closing statement. Do not write in the area below the signature. Managers use it to take notes during the hiring process.

Delivering the Form

When done filling out the paperwork, review everything to look for errors. Once finished, head to the nearest Ace Hardware location. Ask to speak to a manager. After a friendly introduction, present the completed application form.

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