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The massive, 4,000-plus network of stores falling under the proprietorship of Ace Hardware creates thousands of job opportunities for part-time and full-time professionals. Hiring takes places on a consistent basis for both entry-level positions and careers in management.

Facts About Working at Ace Hardware

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Ace Hardware?)

Available Positions: Assistant manager, cashier, customer service, manager, sales associate, team member

Printable Application: Yes. Print Ace Hardware application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Ace Hardware Job Opportunities

Hardware retail chains like Ace Hardware often divide store locations into several different departments. Each department requires workers with acute knowledge about certain tools, equipment, and merchandise in addition to general knowledge related to the hardware store industry. The prominent retail chain hires individuals able to address customer issues and provide sound recommendations based on consumer needs. Applicants should take personal interest in hardware sales and customer service. Relevant experience may play a factor in overall hiring decisions; however, many entry-level jobs available require no formal work history for employment consideration.

Most hardware store chains maintain traditional retail hours including nights, weekends, and holidays. Applicants should remain available to work irregular shifts upon hire. Part-time, entry-level workers regularly fall into flexible and varying schedules as Ace Hardware employees. The retail chain compensates associates for hard work and dedication with discounts on merchandise, competitive hourly pay and salary options, and access to work benefits packages. Ongoing training also motivates employees, with opportunities for advancement available to dedicated individuals in search of meaningful careers.

Ace Hardware Positions and Pay Scales

High school diplomas or equivalents and meeting the minimum age of 18 generally serve as basic hiring requirements for Ace Hardware jobs. Workers must also show team-oriented attitudes and broad knowledge of tools and related equipment. The hardware store commonly hires for the positions below:


  • Basic positions, cashier jobs offer part-time hours and minimum wage starting pay.
  • Responsibilities include operating cash registers, organizing work stations, and assisting customers.
  • Cashiers work store frontends and stand for hours at a time.
  • The position often requires applicants to remain in good health, as consistent, repetitive lifting up to 50lbs. takes place with regularity.
  • Cashier employees may also assist with sales and stock duties, as needed.

Sales Associate

  • Entry-level sales associate jobs require attributes similar to cashier jobs.
  • Workers must possess friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable personalities.
  • Effective sales skills receive the most attention during the hiring process.
  • In addition to assisting customers, sales associate straighten shelves, stock merchandise, and double as cashiers during rushes.
  • Sales associates may work part-time or full-time.
  • Hourly pay scales begin around minimum wage and rise with experience to $10.00 or $11.00.


  • Applicants must either prove abilities on the job or hold previous experience in related industries or positions to assume Ace Hardware managerial roles.
  • Basic employment opportunities in management include head sales associate and cashier jobs.
  • Workers may also receive promotion into assistant store manager and store manager positions.
  • Managers primarily supervise entry-level staff.
  • Responsibilities also encompass hiring and training employees, tracking and reporting sales data, and enforcing company policies.
  • Assistant store managers and store managers place merchandise orders and track shipments, as well.
  • Head cashier and sales associates frequently start out at $10.00 an hour, while upper-level managers enjoy annual salary options resting between $25,000 and $35,000 at start.

Tips For Applying

Due to the various departments and wide selections each location boasts, applicants in search of Ace Hardware jobs should consult each store prior to applying to check on current availabilities. Workers may call or email locations personally to inquire about available jobs or visit stores in person. The hardware chain regularly posts hiring needs onsite at visible customer service counters. Call during off business hours if contacting stores by phone to ensure getting ahold of the appropriate managers.

Application Status

The Ace Hardware hiring process usually takes about a week to complete for entry-level jobs. Career seekers may find the process lasting between two weeks and a month for completion. Candidates receive invitations to interview as soon as a few days after submission of employment documents and up to two weeks, depending on hiring needs. The retailer encourages callbacks or emails in follow up to available positions. Job seekers may use the opportunities to inquire about the statuses of applications and communicate desires to work for the chain.

Benefits of Working at Ace Hardware

As a chain, Ace Hardware cares for employees and create supportive, enjoyable work environments centered on comradery among peers. Many locations feature onsite game rooms or break rooms designated for employees only. Other job benefits include flexible hours and generous discounts. Select associates qualify for corporate-sponsored employment benefits packages. Typical work benefits packages include:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Tuition assistance
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Dependent care programs
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision and prescription drug coverage, and
  • Profit sharing plans.

Paid time off also stands readily available for eligible employees.

More Details on Ace Hardware

The philanthropic efforts carried out by the prominent retail chain include a company-sponsored charitable organization called Ace Foundation and regular donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the American Red Cross. The partnership with the American Red Cross usually takes the form in disaster relief and monetary contributions. Initiatives involving Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals include fundraising campaigns raising awareness of diseases and other life-threatening conditions affecting youth.


  • julita tete says:

    After I apply for an Ace Hardware job, how long will it take for them to get back to me?

  • camillia randolph says:

    I would love to start my career off with Ace. Doses Ace Hardware offer benefits?

    • Crystal says:

      They do! At least at the location I applied at, insurance, dental, vision, and life insurance. 401k after a year of employment!

  • zach says:

    do you have to have a ged to work at ace?

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