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Temp service agency Adecco maintains an international presence and helps hundreds of thousands of people find employment in various industries worldwide each year. The staffing company works with roughly 100,000 firms looking to hire on part-time or short-term help.

Facts About Working at Adecco Staffing

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Adecco Staffing?)

Available Positions: Customer Service Representative, Recruiter, Staffer, Branch Manager, Area Manager, Account Executive, Consultant, HR Representative, Marketing Business Analyst, Payroll Officer

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Adecco Staffing Job Opportunities

In addition to staffing services, Adecco serves as an optimal place to find employment, with thousands of positions available throughout the network of branch locations. Primarily, the company looks for dedicated individuals able to handle multiple case loads and take extra initiative to ensure workers find jobs. Daily work settings for jobs in the staffing industry usually include large, administrative offices requiring team-player attitudes and excellent one-on-one interfacing skills. No real, formal hiring requirements exist for staffing associates; however, mediation, counseling, or managerial backgrounds may improve odds of employment.

Adecco operates in 60 countries, which provides ample opportunity for workers to find meaningful jobs in dozens of industries. Many of the positions available through staffing companies include part-time schedules for terms of one, two, three, or several months at a time. Full-time opportunities also remain available; however, staffing needs typically change as each industry experiences growths and shrinkages.

Employment as an Adecco Temp Worker

The main function of the staffing agency includes placing out-of-work individuals into jobs. Most of the employment opportunities applicants gain access to through agencies like Adecco include short-term, contract jobs featuring either part-time or full-time hours. The international staffing firm works directly with major companies across the globe to outsource job vacancies and connects the positions with interested individuals in need of employment. Some companies may offer contract-to-hire positions with the promise of full employment upon completing the terms outlined in the initial short-term contracts.

Potential Job Duties as an Adecco Temp Employee

Adecco serves as a professional bridge between career professionals and several major Fortune 500 companies. Large companies regularly carry out term-based projects needing motivated staff to maintain operations, collect and analyze data, and perform other remedial administrative functions. Smaller companies and even branches of federal, local, and state governments also use the staffing company to outsource for workers.

Work Settings and Pay Expectations

Schedules vary by specific position and industry. Workers entering into fields requiring manual labor may work more erratic or irregular schedules, while temporary employees working for corporate offices or in other administrative capacities may assume more steady, consistent schedules for the duration of a given employment term. Pay also varies by position and industry. Entry-level temp job seekers should expect to make around minimum wage, while temporary managers may make over $10.00 or so per hour. Annual salary options may become available to temp workers in positions for longer than a calendar year.

Tips For Applying

Like other jobs, temporary positions still require individuals compile resumes and submit applications for employment. Adecco also customarily administers pre-employment exams to better fit aspiring employees in proper fields catered to candidate abilities. Workers should meet with staffing counselors more than once to ensure placement in a well-paying and desirable field. Remain open and opinionated about the type of work sought and expectations for pay. Staff usually try to match potential employees with work corresponding to personal needs.

Application Status

Workers generally receive word of intent to hire from staffing agents by telephone or email. Specific wait times associated with finding work through a staffing company often depends on the jobs available in desired industries. Some applicants wait as little as a few days to a couple of weeks, while others may not find work for over a month. Applicants who receive no word from hiring staff after a week or two should contact Adecco recruiters and inquire about other industries or arrange to meet to talk more about abilities and potential interests in the job market.

Further Details on Adecco Staffing

Based out of Glattbrugg, Switzerland, Adecco operates as one of the leading staffing agencies in the world. The firm began in 1996 and employs over 2,500 entry-level associates and corporate professionals. A socially concerned corporate entity, the staffing firm regularly supports educational and environmental campaigns. International efforts on behalf of the company include reducing carbon footprints, reducing mileage flown and driven by employees, cutting back on use of electricity, and providing transparent information to the general public and shareholders on practices and ethics.


  • Moti Mani Singh says:

    Duties for Adecco include handling complete commercial activities at projects sites such as a projects plannings, execution of the plan, and management. It also includes billing to clients and collection of payments, maintaining of bank guarantees and collection of documents from clients.

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