Advance America Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Advance America

Individuals looking for work with payday advance company Advance America should expect to spend at least a week and up to three weeks completing all necessary stages of the hiring process. The nationwide chain puts candidates through rigorous stages of interviews and other procedures, including employment examinations, question-and-answer sessions, company presentations, drug screenings, and background checks. Interview process protocol implemented by the financial services chain consistently features the average applicant sitting through at least two job interviews for employment consideration. The interviews generally take place on separate dates, which accounts for the length of time needed to complete all necessary stages.

Employment Exams and Individual Hiring Sessions

Customer service representative jobs and DDO positions generally represent opportunities requiring completion of employment examinations. Workers must complete 100-question tests broken down into four categories. Each category provides specific information hiring personnel use to make final deliberations. The testing often takes place during the first interview after initial contact made between candidates and hiring managers. Upon completing the test successfully, applicants receive invitations to attend additional job interviews. The Advance America hiring process usually features interviews with area managers and site staff. Sessions run around 20 minutes in length, depending on position desired.

Advance America Interview Questions

General Advance America interview questions include: “What draws your interest to the company?”, “How could you improve operations?”, and “Have you ever worked in a sales-driven job setting?” Recruitment staff may further press interview questions based on scenarios commonly encountered in the payday advance industry, like dealing with irate customers or correcting mistakes in appropriate and timely fashions.

What Happens After Receiving a Job Offer

Following in-person interviews, successful candidates receive job offers. Prior to beginning work, however, applicants must complete credit checks, criminal background checks, and drug screening. Barring undesirable results, applicants then begin work and receive official confirmation of employment. The exact duration of the hiring process often depends on the expedience of the company in completing all necessary pre-employment checks and screenings.


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