Aerotek Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Aerotek

Aerotek searches for individuals to help run the temporary job placement agency as well as individuals to fill the demand for contracted staff in a variety of fields. The interview process varies greatly between the two opportunities, so carefully examine the requirements of each to determine a best-fit. Applicants interested in entry-level agency-operations positions such as recruiter face an intense, five-stage process taking approximately three weeks to complete, while persons interested in contracting with other companies through Aerotek only go through one, basic interview.

For Aspiring Recruiters

For recruiter positions, the first stage in the hiring process includes a telephone prescreening with a current recruiter. Interviewers assess the motivations of applicants and provide thorough amounts of detail about each available position. The next stage includes a panel interview with two account managers, where the main topic of the questions regards personal background, which lasts approximately an hour and a half. A two-person panel again officiates the third interview; however, questions posed deal strictly with behaviors and the ability to withstand failure.

Training Programs

If successful, candidates then shadow an employee for a half-day to meet other employees and see how operations work. Prospects should act enthusiastically and ask plenty of questions throughout. Finally, candidates must face one more 2:1 interview with senior account managers.

How to Behave

While interviews for temporary contractors generally remain far less rigorous, candidates should nevertheless treat the interview like an interview with the actual company. Many applicants often compete for the same position, so candidates should make an assertive, professional impression to receive consideration for the more desired contracts. Candidates accomplish an image of professionalism through dress, showing up on time, taking notes during the interview, and communicating goals, such as a desire to transition from temporary to permanent employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common interview questions include: “How well do you adapt to new environments?”, “What hours are you available?”, and “Do you think a temporary job is a good fit for you? Why?” Emphasize availability, adaptability, and presenting an agreeable demeanor. Candidates receive notification of acceptance promptly following the interview.

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