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With nearly 50 locations across the country, A’GACI readily hires entry-level workers to fill positions in retail stores. The popular retailer needs passionate fashion enthusiasts to make sales, offer product knowledge, and provide excellent customer service at each location. Aspiring employees find an array of job titles, both entry-level and managerial, to apply for on the company website.

Facts About Working at Agaci

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at A'GACI?)

Available Positions: Fashion Consultant, Floor Supervisor, Assistant Manager/Co-Manager, Manager, Retail Store Manager, Packer/Receiver, Office Assistant, Buyer, Buyer Merchandiser, Visual Merchandiser

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Job Opportunities with A’GACI

Entry-level positions comprise the bulk of fashion consultant jobs in shoes and apparel. Similar to positions in other retail settings, entry-level job duties include operating POS systems, answering fashion questions for store patrons, keeping racks and shelves stocked with merchandise, and maintaining clean store environments for customers. Due to the simplicity of assigned tasks, workers need minimal job histories or retail experience. However, entry-level applicants must exude highly motivated personalities and charming character traits. The organization wants to hire on associates who align with promoted work cultures and possess the ability to speak with customers as if hosting a parties, as specified in the company website.

The fashion retail company also offers managerial and corporate careers for qualified job seekers. A’GACI managers must lead teams of 15 to 50 employees and ensure high levels of customer service in stores. Upper-level employees must generally bring at least one year of managerial or related experience to available positions to earn hiring consideration with the well-known fashion retailer. Career-minded individuals find employment opportunities and submit applications online.

A’GACI Positions and Salary Information

Employment opportunities with A’GACI range from entry-level sales jobs to full-time managerial careers. The retailer offers entry-level job seekers both part-time and full-time employment opportunities. Applicants 16 and over may learn about exciting careers the company offers and apply for fitting positions online. The nationwide fashion retailer needs to hire motivated individuals for the following job titles:

Fashion Consultant

  • Fashion consultants work as sales associates and sell either shoes in footwear departments or general merchandise throughout stores.
  • Additional duties include cleaning, stocking, and operating cash registers as well as maintaining tidy store appearances throughout shifts.
  • Employees may need to perform measurements to assist customers with finding or ordering the right apparel.
  • Ideal candidates possess friendly and attentive attributes and embody company cultures at all times.
  • Associates must provide product and fashion knowledge in order to help customers put desirable outfits together and close sales.
  • Fashion consultants may need to meet certain sales quotas, as well.
  • Pay for fashion consultants typically starts at minimum wage, with some associates making up to $9.00 an hour.


  • The fashion retailer offers many job opportunities for aspiring managers.
  • Interested individuals may apply online for floor supervisor, co-manager, and store manager job titles.
  • Floor supervisors assist with recruiting and loss prevention and delegate work to entry-level employees.
  • Depending on experience, floor supervisors make roughly $8.00 to $10.00 an hour.
  • Co-managers hire and train new associates, oversee daily operations, open and close store locations, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • The intermediate management position also involves attending weekly meetings and collaborating with store managers to ensure smooth communication throughout stores.
  • A’GACI store managers must implement strategies to increase sales, protect store assets through loss prevention, perform payroll duties, and recruit new members to entry-level and managerial teams.
  • Co-managers and store managers generally receive annual salary options between $25,000 and $35,000, depending on job title.

Tips For Applying

Submitting an application for employment at A’GACI proves fairly simple. Workers begin job searches by clicking on the Careers tab on the company homepage. After landing on the Careers page, job seekers may view open positions and apply for suitable career opportunities. Candidates must create personalized login information at the onset of the application process. Aspiring workers may upload resumes before commencing the online application, which acquires candidate contact information and administers pre-employment questions concerning the details of the desired job. The entire application may take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

Application Status

Applicants generally wait no more than three weeks before hearing from A’GACI managers about beginning the actual hiring process. Managers may use phone calls or emails as means of communication throughout pre-employment procedures. Candidates who do not hear from recruiters within a week of submitting applications may find the placement of follow-up calls helpful in expediting the hiring process. Some candidates may even want to don stylish apparel and visit the store of desired employment to speak with a manager about the application status. As hiring staff often carry significant job responsibilities and work busy schedules, applicants should remain respectful of the manager schedules when following up.

Benefits of Working at A’GACI

A’GACI provides upbeat, trendy, and energetic work environments fostering personal creativity and personality. Workers enjoy paid training opportunities and career advancement potential, which helps budding retail professionals work toward ideal jobs. The retailer also offers competitive pay scales and exceptional employment benefits for qualified associates.

Work benefits, such as:

  • 401(k) retirement plans and pension plans,
  • Offer qualified associates great ways to save for the future.

The fashion retailer also offers healthcare coverage, paid time off, and employee discounts on products and services.

Additional Information on A’GACI

Consistently growing, A’GACI often opens several new stores a year. Grand openings provide ideal opportunities for job seekers to gain employment with the fashion retailer. New store hiring sessions may provide employment for up to 30 or 40 job seekers at a time, and the company consistently posts information concerning grand openings on the website. Workers may also find employment with newer lines operated by the brand of stores like O’SHOES, which remains dedicated to providing stylish footwear for customers. Prospective associates interested in entry-level shoe sales jobs may find openings and submit applications on the company website.


  • Cassandra Lewis says:

    Do you get discounts on the seasonal clothes working at A’GACI? I love their clothes and perks are always nice(:

  • candiee says:

    I really want an A’GACI job. When starting out, how much does an A’GACI employee earn an hour?

  • Elizabeth Rivera says:

    I want to work full-time at A’GACI. Does A’GACI offer benefits to its workers?

  • Anthony James says:

    To all that wish to apply at Agaci,

    I worked for Agaci and even set up their store when they opened in Woodfield Mall, in Schaumburg, IL. The company is a very successful company however in the two years that I’ve worked there, and with my seven years in retail experience, I can genuinely say that this is the most interesting company I’ve worked for. The owners are very hands on when it comes to the stores. They are two brothers, one likes to handle the business side while the other is more into the looks and product of the store.

    In the beginning of the opening of the store the company seemed very organized and friendly. However as time went on it began to become a different story. During my two years, we’ve gone through five different store managers, three dozen or more floor supervisors, and comangers, two different district managers, and two different cfo’s. Their allotted hourly plan for scheduling is much less than what is needed. Many times the stores are under staffed due to scheduling issues, and not enough hours given as set by corporate standards. There is favoritism among the owners and corporate management when it comes to the stores. For example, our store, located in Woodfield Mall (largest indoor mall in America) was often times compared to the downtown Chicago location and looked down upon, even though we made more money and percent to plan than they did.

    Employees/management were constantly being fired without warning or severance pay. One employee was written up because she was unable to make her shift due to the fact that her uncle had died and she had to miss work to attend his wake, but because she couldn’t find a replacement for her shift she was written up. They reserve full time pay and benefits for their store manager and comanagers, this results in part time employees working 25-35 hours a week or 3 hours shifts sometimes because it costs the company less. I’ve seen some employees be scheduled 39 hours exactly so that they don’t hit 40 hours, and won’t be considered for full time eligibility or benefits or overtime pay. They like to say on the site that Agaci is a great place to start a career, but often times I’ve seen employees and floor supervisors applying for higher positions and looking to move up but they do not do it. They always hire outside the company.

    The store itself is a good store if you like to shop there. However as far as working there, I’d highly not recommend it. Stores like Forever21 and H&M are similar in style and pricing and much, much more organized than Agaci. The pay is not that much substantial either.

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