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Transporting passengers and cargo around the world, Air New Zealand continues to grow since conception in 1940. The airline requires full-time and part-time workers to staff in-flight teams and terminals. Though mainly in New Zealand, the company provides jobs on an international scale.

Facts About Working at Air New Zealand

Minimum Age to Work at Air New Zealand: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Air New Zealand?)

Air New Zealand Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Air New Zealand: Customer Service Representative, Flight Attendant, Flight Crew Member, Loader, Cargo Airline Clerk, Cargo Route Business Manager, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Maintenance Specialist, Pilot, Contact Centre Consultant, Travel Consultant, Supplier Relationship Manager, Air Traffic Controller-Trainee, Air Traffic Controller, Technician-Trainee, Technician, Air Transportation Specialist, Air Ground Equipment Supervisor, Air Terminal Operations Supervisor

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Air New Zealand Job Opportunities

Managing flights going to and from New Zealand, Australia, the Southwest Pacific, Asia, North America, and the United Kingdom, Air New Zealand needs dedicated and diverse individuals to fill a variety of positions. Though obtainable work with the employer usually does not require previous experience, knowledge of the airline industry may afford individuals preference during the hiring process. Self-reliant job candidates who also work well within teams represent valued additions to the company. The airline strongly believes in approachability and friendliness, remaining true to oneself, exuding can-do attitudes, and proudly endorsing the spirit of New Zealand. Any job prospects able to demonstrate commitment to the airline values fare well with hiring personnel.

Jobs with the employer remain available in fields such as engineering, cargo, sales, market development, finance, commercial, and airport operations. Knowledge of or experience in any of the specializations only benefit job applicants during the hiring process. Individuals pursuing long-term careers with Air New Zealand but lacking in credentials maintain the option of starting out in entry-level positions. The airline affords employees rigorous and in-depth training. The company also values promoting from within, and entry-level associates often receive opportunities for professional growth.

Air New Zealand Positions and Salary Information

Some positions available with the airline require applicants to possess certifications, training, or licenses. Additionally, interested individuals should stand at least 18 years of age to receive consideration for Air New Zealand jobs. Positions most accessible to candidates with little experience or training include:

Flight Attendant – Available as both full- and part-time positions, flight attendant jobs pay out annual salary options of up to $40,000. After hire, Air New Zealand provides cost-free training wherein candidates learn about and pass tests covering topics such as service delivery, security, emergency procedures, and aircraft training. Applicants must obtain high marks on the test in order to receive job offers. Essential duties of flight attendants include ensuring supplies for the flight remain adequate based on the number of people scheduled to fly, maintaining the cleanliness of the cabin before, after, and during the flight, demonstrating all safety and emergency equipment and explain procedures, checking all passenger seat belts before flight, serving beverages and meals, and minding any customer questions, issues, or concerns. Work as a flight attendant demands weekend, night, and holiday shifts.

Baggage Loader – A physically strenuous position, baggage loaders must prove able to bend and lift heavy parcels repeatedly for the duration of irregular shifts. Schedules for baggage loaders consist of six days of work followed by three days of rest. Start and end times of shifts vary greatly, and individuals filling the position may stand required to work through the night or during holidays. In order to receive consideration, workers should possess driver’s licenses and the ability to pass security and medical checks. Previous experience in a physically demanding job may earn preference but does not stand required. The position requires the safe and secure handling of customer baggage and the ability to accurately read information found on baggage tags. Usually considered a part-time position, the baggage loader job yields about $10.00 to $12.00 in hourly wages.

Tips For Applying

Interested individuals may peruse the career section of the Air New Zealand website for job openings. Positions feature links to the online application. In order to fill out the application form, candidates must create profiles using the job platform. In addition to personal information and job-specific questions, individuals stand expected to upload resumes. Checking applications and resumes for mistakes and inaccuracies remains in the best interest of workers.

Application Status

Though a comparably small airline, Air New Zealand hiring personnel may not contact every applicant regarding application status. The airline takes anywhere from two weeks to two months to respond to applications. Individuals offered the opportunity to interview with the company should confirm a timeline. Otherwise, an applicant wishing to reiterate interest in a position or to check up on an application status may call or email the airline. Always conduct communications politely and professionally.

Benefits of Working at Air New Zealand

Employees of Air New Zealand enjoy several job benefits. The employer offers generous healthcare coverage, which includes dental and vision plans. 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and sick days also remain available to qualified associates. Additionally, some positions provide performance bonuses. Staff consistently enjoy employee discounts.

More Information on Air New Zealand

To help offset damages done to the environment by carbon dioxide emissions, the airline helped create the Air New Zealand Environment Trust. Passengers of the airline and various companies maintain the option of donating to the Trust, with New Zealand residents reserving the right to use donations as tax write-offs. The Trust accepts and reviews applications for projects to fund, and Trustees pick ventures which fall in line with the mission. The current endeavor, the Mangarara Station project, includes the conservation of over 100 acres of land and creation of sustainable farming systems on site.

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