Air New Zealand Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Air New Zealand

How to Get a Job at Air New Zealand

Job seekers can apply online on the Air New Zealand career portal. A representative from the company will contact applicants to set up an interview, typically about one week after receiving an application form.

Multi-Stage Interview Process

Over the Phone

The job interview process begins with a phone screening. Hopefuls can expect a call within weeks of submitting their applications. After answering general inquiries, interviewees will arrange a meeting at the head office.

One-on-One Interview

A formal face-to-face meeting takes place at an official location. Hiring managers focus on behavioral and situational questions during this time to see if the candidate is the right fit. It’s important to remember to be professional and confident during all Air New Zealand interviews.

Group Interview

The third stage of the Air New Zealand interview process is the group session. Usually, five or more potential candidates sit with an employer to answer prompts as a team. This helps hiring personnel see each individual’s ability to work as part of a crew.


Prospective employees may undergo a series of comprehensive evaluations to gauge eligibility for both entry-level jobs and more advanced careers. Workers usually complete these tests online. It can take a few weeks for the results to come in.

What Do Interviewers Ask About?

Industry Knowledge and Job Skills

Some questions cover specific aspects of airline jobs. Applicants need to review any and all required duties before their Air New Zealand interviews. Additionally, those who want to move forward in the hiring process should prepare to answer the following:

Successful Job Interview Behavior

Make a Good First Impression

To impress employers, research the corporation’s history and services prior to the initial Air New Zealand interview. Speak clearly and professionally when addressing the hiring staff. Avoid slang or confusing language, and keep answers brief yet informative.

How to Dress for Air New Zealand interviews

What Should You Wear?

The process is formal, so candidates need to wear their most professional attire. Clothing must be neat and pressed. A dress or a pair of slacks with a matching jacket is acceptable for women. Men should wear a button-up collared shirt and tie, with pants and a jacket. Job seekers ought to refrain from bold colors or patterns.


When it comes to accessorizing for an interview at Air New Zealand, less is more. Depending on the color of your suit or slacks, choose a black or brown belt. If applicable, always wear dress socks that match your shoes. Jewelry should be simple and tasteful.

What Happens Next?

After the Interview

The hiring process varies for everybody. Follow up by calling or emailing the Air New Zealand interview staff. Remain persistent and reach out to the airline about your employment status. Those who show initiative may receive additional consideration.

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