Airline Sales Representative

Airline Sales Representative Job Description & Salary Information

Job Duties
This job is typically the next step for someone with a college degree in business or someone who has been working for their airline for a few years. An airline sales representative’s job involves coordinating large scale travel between businesses and their respective airlines as well as helping passengers with trips involving multiple airlines. It is the sales rep’s job to ensure that when a company needs to travel, their airline is well represented and contacted first. They may also be responsible for offering specific packages and deals to businesses deciding which airline to choose.


Job Qualifications
While only a high school diploma is necessary for this position, airline sales representative jobs are typically given to applicants with a two or four-year college degree in marketing, sales, business, or communication. Prior customer service and persuasive speaking experience is not necessary but would serve as an advantage in the hiring process. Relevant work experience is not always necessary as an airline sales representative may begin their career elsewhere, as a reservations agent, for example. A smile and polite manner are a must for this job.

Salary & Compensation
An airline sales representative may start out earning a salary of $28,000 annually. Median pay for an airline sales rep stands at about $48,000 a year. Airline sales representatives with experience may earn over $80,000 per year. Pay rates vary by location, employer, and work experience. Airline sales representatives may also earn employee benefits packages, including air travel discounts, 401(k) plans, and healthcare coverage.

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