Airport Security Guard

Airport Security Guard Job Description & Salary Information

Job Duties
Airfield security is essential to the ongoing operation of the airline industry and is enforced by a team of guards working in locations inside the airport as well as on the airfield on runways, access roads, gates and at the perimeter. The job of an airfield security guard is to oversee the safety and continued functioning of all operations on the airfield. Vigilance and determination are the keys to the protection of innocent lives and ensuring that passengers’ trips go as smoothly as possible. Guards must control access to the aircraft, baggage and pickup areas, and other restricted access points including traffic control towers, operations, and the airfield itself. Duties also include verifying and scanning vehicles every vehicle that enters the airfield and authorizing it. The guard staff must also interact with the public to guarantee their safety and the security of the airport itself. In addition to the physical task of patrolling, securing the airfield, and screening passengers, guards must also file written logs and report to superior officers when a breach in security occurs either on the airfield or within the airport.


Job Qualifications
Qualifications for an acceptable candidate include reading, writing, and fluent communication in English. A high school diploma is typically satisfactory. Airports often employ members of the law enforcement community including former police officers, military, and long term security guards. A background in some form of law enforcement is not required, but would be a major advantage when applying for these jobs.

Salary & Compensation
On average, an airport security guard earns pay of about $20 an hour. Starting wages for an airport security guard may range from $9.00 to $15.00 per hour. The salary for an experienced airport security guard may exceed $40,000 a year. Qualified security guards receive employment benefits, including healthcare coverage and 401(k) retirement plans. Pay rates and work benefits for airport security guards vary by location and employer.

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