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AirTran Airways served customers as a leading low-cost airline until purchase by Southwest Airlines in 2010. The companies integrated fully in December 2014. Though the company looks different, extensive jobs created by the business still exist in the same field.

Facts About Working at AirTran

Minimum Age to Work at AirTran: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at AirTran?)

AirTran Hours of Operation: Hours vary by job title and airport

Available Positions at AirTran: Customer Service Agent, Reservations Clerk, Call Center Customer Service Representative, Ground Operations Team Member, Ramp Agent, Flight Attendant, Pilot, Systems Operation Control Crew Member, Maintenance Crew Member, Engineer

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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AirTran Employment Opportunities

While active, AirTran flew to around 40 destinations and maintained a fleet of 46 Boeing aircraft. Southwest Airlines continues operational growth and adds thousands of new jobs as a result of the acquisition. From the merger, the parent company expands to over 90 flight locations in the United States, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Employment candidates seeking travel opportunities and frequent customer interactions often prosper in airline jobs.

Airlines like Southwest need employees for work in several areas, including runways, airport towers and terminals, and on planes. Jobs range from customer service positions to engineering and mechanical vocations. Work remains accessible to entry-level candidates while still providing numerous opportunities for experienced professionals and skilled tradespersons. Virtually all positions demand high school diplomas or the equivalent, with some jobs carrying further educational requirements. Airlines also conduct extensive background screenings and generally hold to strict restriction policies regarding work hopefuls with particular felony convictions.

AirTran Jobs and Salary Options

Though AirTran no longer remains in operation, job seekers may access equivalent work opportunities through companies like Southwest Airlines. Qualified applicants 18 years of age and older may obtain work in the air travel industry. Positions typically include the following:

Flight Attendant – Flight attendants provide attentive customer service to airplane passengers. Travelers depend on employees to serve beverages and snacks, announce pertinent information about flights, and explain safety procedures. Personable workers interact in friendly manners to ensure passengers remain calm and satisfied during transit. Attendants stay active and busy throughout shifts. Employees may also need to lift heavy luggage items. Wages generally hover around $25.00 per hour.

Ramp Agent – Ramp agents handle baggage and direct aircraft. Employees work on airport ramps in various weather conditions and with motorized equipment ranging from lift trucks to de-icing vehicles. Workers need to possess strength to lift up to 70lbs or more during shifts, as transporting cargo remains an everyday duty. Ramp agents earn about $14.00 an hour, on average, with some experienced workers making $20.00 or more hourly.

Tips For Applying

AirTran largely hired candidates for skilled and entry-level jobs based on submitted web applications. Southwest maintains similar staffing practices, along with many other industry leaders. Applicants must possess clean backgrounds and sufficient experience to obtain positions. Some positions require specialized training and post-secondary educations, as well. Preparing clear and formal resumes remains an effective method to demonstrate qualifications to employers. Though applications often exist primarily online, hiring documents may also stand available in person at airport locations.

Application Status

After applying to airlines, job seekers may follow up to show dedication and interest in positions. Applicants may call or email human resources personnel to check on the status of hiring forms. Hiring managers at Southwest Airlines and other companies answer inquiries when time permits. Candidates should remain respectful and patient while continuing to show interest in positions.

Benefits of Working at AirTran

Airline employees often enjoy lucrative employment perks. Industry-standard job benefits include paid time off, healthcare coverage, such as medical, dental, and vision insurance, and paid on-the-job training. Employees work flexible schedules based on flights, and shift durations prove dynamic which limits monotony. Workers also frequently gain access to 401(k) retirement plans and stock purchase programs. Free or discounted travel options remain unique job benefits for airline employees, as well.

More Details on AirTran

Founded in 1992 as ValuJet Airlines, the now-defunct airline ferried passengers faithfully for over 20 years before merging with major U.S. discount airline Southwest. The subsidiary cost a total $1.4 billion for the low-cost carrier and led to complete assimilation of AirTran Airways. After integration, the parent company converted many of the former company planes with new livery for sublease to Delta Air Lines. The Boeing 717s cost over $100 million to re-outfit and update.

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